Travelling is one of the most important activities for self growth.

I do however have some friends who travel as a form of escapism, but I believe it must be as a chance for recharging, learning, broadening your mind, and delving into an unknown territory. Travel is far more than fun and adventure, it is a great teacher, it is a great healer, it is great for you when you are flying a way bit to high, it brings you back on the ground. In times of sadness it gives joy and vice versa, but the sadness it gives during immense joy isn’t the melancholic grief, it is the solemness which gives you a chance to reflect on what really is important in life.

My flatmate says “People are always complaining even though they have so much, and smile so less. When I visited other countries, I looked at the kids in the villages, no water to drink but still smiling faces and happy sights”. Travelling gave him the ability of kindness, thankfulness, meaningfulness, and letting go of material possessions and providing a genuine human empathetic interaction. The travelogues which I will be presenting here will not be long guides on how the place was, it will be more of how the place felt? what was it’s energy? How did it make me feel? What did I learn from it? How did I grow? Did it push my boundaries? What did I achieve from the thrill? Did the physical journey translate into a spiritual/emotional one?

Now travelling is something I value far more than the many posessions I have. Recently I gave a very expensive traditional silk gown to my friend and she wanted to do something for me in return. I told her

I want a travel experience. I need to go somewhere new.