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Once upon a sorority tour….

It was a beautiful evening with the flashing traffic lights displaying a spectacle like that of fireworks. All the girls were ready waiting for the bus when I reached there. I was 23, pretty in pink, starry eyed, and I was ecstatic at the idea of hiking in the mountains with all my girls.“Hellos to… Continue reading Once upon a sorority tour….

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Where “art” thou?

Despite being a non-art person there I was infront of the museum of art in Philadelphia. I know nothing about American history. None. I'm a bit illiterate in this regard. It's a bit understandable given that the Oxford history of India is so large and detailed I could never get the names or dates right.… Continue reading Where “art” thou?


Mermaids and waterfalls, fairies and forests

in April two years ago the adventure of a lifetime was the most relaxing way to spend the spring. Though we cannot access travel now but a nostalgia of the beautiful adventures could bring the home-imprisoned world of today some solace and hope. For anyone travelling form outside Turkey, as you fly to Istanbul at… Continue reading Mermaids and waterfalls, fairies and forests

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Horse riding to happiness: finding animal empathy

I was so happy and the horse felt good too! I never really had a love for animals. The only main encounter was with rabbits as a child and a very fearsome weasel from which I felt very scared. The other children however we're brave and comfortable enough to hold and play about with it.… Continue reading Horse riding to happiness: finding animal empathy


Flying in the sky – letting go of fear & surrendering to the wind

The most frightening and liberating experience of my entire life. Spread your wings and prepare to fly, for you have become a butterflyMariah carey- butterfly Being a person with a major height phobia and panic issues this was truly a death's well for me. My friends and I had decided to go to the south… Continue reading Flying in the sky – letting go of fear & surrendering to the wind


How to control your temper

Anger is Fire, it can burn you. One of the most important things in life is learning how to control your temper. Whether you are a boss or an employee or a millionaire, even a stay at home mom or a student anger affects us all. But the most essential element is to be able… Continue reading How to control your temper