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Cinderella’s domestic abuse and torment

Her despair, anguish, & suffering doesn't taint her kind heart. Cinderella's story is impactful beyond explanation. It was never about the prince to begin with. It was a story of survival of pushing through. Interestingly in Wikipedia it is defined similarly : "Cinderella", or "The Little Glass Slipper", is a folk tale embodying an element of unjust… Continue reading Cinderella’s domestic abuse and torment


Dealing with all forms of pain

The types are innumerable. I remember in 2013 enrolling in college a short time into the semester when news of a suicide occurring in the dorms spread like fire throughout the campus. I remember getting a direct account of the story from a friend who shared the same building, the details were frightful. An insecure… Continue reading Dealing with all forms of pain

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Everyone is happy on social media

Image is an odd word in today's world. Image is everything. It's your existence, it's your being, it's your social status, it's your identity and recognition. The social media of today has catapulted this ginormous celebrity-like larger than life lifestyle, incorporating the ultimate YOLO (you only live once) mentality into everyone's mind to create and… Continue reading Everyone is happy on social media