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Abandoning materialism : pandemic panning and empties

"Why wear makeup? Why wear any at all?" I wondered as I looked into my closet beauty and skincare stash, under lockdown, and noticed I had A LOT. I would have liked to believe that my makeup stash was far larger than my skincare one, but that was not the case. Put together I had… Continue reading Abandoning materialism : pandemic panning and empties

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Insomnia and eye creams

Leave it to a scientist to find an eye-conic solution to insomnia. It all began in PhD, the dreary overworked time in which your eyes suffer more than your brain and your brain is already working at 500% efficiency. My sister (also in the mistake of being in a doctorate program) stepped into the liquidation… Continue reading Insomnia and eye creams

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The Vanity Slump

Once upon a time there was a peasant girl who lived happily on her farm. She toiled day in and day out helping her mother in the fields and father in the forest to collect wood. Time passed and she grew up to be a young woman. She was talk of the village for her… Continue reading The Vanity Slump

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The Skin Story: a labyrinth of ineffective solutions

How I defeated adult acne and hyperpigmentation once and for all, and many other complications. Why is it that there are always a gazillion products out there but still more and more 25+ women suffering badly from adult acne? When I was only 15 years old my mother would keep reprimanding me not to over-scrub… Continue reading The Skin Story: a labyrinth of ineffective solutions