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The mirror on the wall

Academic life made me addicted to makeup. I just had to cover up all my defects, the blue eyes from stress and sleepless nights, the hyperpigmentation marks, the dull complexion and eternally weary face. Every morning I put a perfect face on to show to the world and trick myself into believing that I can… Continue reading The mirror on the wall

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Spring: A Time For Self Rebirth

Its not just about spring cleaning the house, you can spring clean everything in your life too, including your inner self! The beauty of spring conceals many a secrets for everyone at any stage of their life! Sprout a New You Elements of nature and the spring season like flowers are essentially biological organisms just… Continue reading Spring: A Time For Self Rebirth

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Lay back on a hammock and listen to bird songs

Sometimes going far away from the city and listening to the twitter of the birds instead of the social media Twitter is what is genuinely relaxing and necessary for self rejuvenation and healing. I often look around at people and ask myself, "why is everyone so obsessed with fiddling about with their phones?" Why is… Continue reading Lay back on a hammock and listen to bird songs