From Me, To Me.

Why is it that we always buy flowers for others? For the sick whilst visiting a hospital, for a loved one, for parents, for your wife, girlfriend, for an occasion, for a wedding, or a funeral. Why always for the other? While there is nothing wrong with giving people flowers and it must be done.… Continue reading From Me, To Me.


The Bee Diaries : Harsh parables from nature

Nature and animals have evolved and developed perfectly according to their ecological niche and have singularly particular functions to perform. Generally speaking whilst learning biology and animal behavior we as teachers and scientists focus intensely on the mechanism involved and the life cycle and species specific behavior. However what we miserably fail to address is… Continue reading The Bee Diaries : Harsh parables from nature

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Lay back on a hammock and listen to bird songs

Sometimes going far away from the city and listening to the twitter of the birds instead of the social media Twitter is what is genuinely relaxing and necessary for self rejuvenation and healing. I often look around at people and ask myself, "why is everyone so obsessed with fiddling about with their phones?" Why is… Continue reading Lay back on a hammock and listen to bird songs


Life is not all rainbows and butterflies

There wasn't just one rainbow mocking me, there were two! One cloudy day of PhD studies, the days of all seem more tiring even before they begin, I went to the laboratory and had a full array of experiments ready for me to perform. Now you see experiments are not easy. They need meticulous planning,… Continue reading Life is not all rainbows and butterflies


Quit slander now!

Slander is venom. It causes antipathy, pride, judgmental attitude and envy to grow. Zipping your mouth can result in the most effective self growth and self improvement that you have seen in years!Image credit: Pixabay One of the most wasteful habits which obstructs self growth to the fullest is malicious gossip, rumors and slander. Spreading… Continue reading Quit slander now!

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How does being in nature heal a person?

Relaxing in the dense forests near Selcuk village and Ephesus Roman ruins, Turkey Buildings are nonliving blocks of concrete Nature is alive, it holds life, it bursts with energy.. Walking through a park on a slightly cool morning refreshens the brain and makes us feel lighter and as if our worries have somehoew diminished. Why… Continue reading How does being in nature heal a person?