Grinding to 80s synth and vinyl under lockdown

If anything positive could possibly have come out from the house arrest during this pandemic, it is rediscovering childhood favourite songs. They were infact cult classics and only in a mature age can their awesomeness be truly appreciated. My rooms needed painting and with everyone under lockdown the job was left down to me. I… Continue reading Grinding to 80s synth and vinyl under lockdown

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Lahore, the Lorax & the Lockdown

On November 22, 2019 I was already wearing a face mask, so my brother, and so was my mom. We weren't struck by Covid-19 yet. The issue was we couldn't breathe due to the smog. The air pollution was so extreme that we were breathing burning smoke with a sooty odor. Schools were being scheduled… Continue reading Lahore, the Lorax & the Lockdown