Ah! the circus of siblings!

When brothers grow up, life can be very interesting. When you have a brother in your life, you don't need any other pet in the world, you already live as if you are in the zoo or a farm with a buffalo, a bull, a horse, a sheep and even a sheepdog. You have absolutely… Continue reading Ah! the circus of siblings!


On finding the road back to you….

Dear Mom, Happy Birthday! You are forever young and beautiful and will not grow older. Some people are meant to be beautiful, they are not touched by senility and a downward spiralling longevity into a mere trace of the splendor that they once possessed in youth. Princess Diana remains young and beautiful to this day.… Continue reading On finding the road back to you….

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The secret in The Secret Garden

Some people in life are so precious, they are the air that we breathe. They are the light in our lives and the twinkle in our eyes. People that we assume we cannot simply live without .... And then as fate would have it. We loose them. We are forced to be separated with them,… Continue reading The secret in The Secret Garden


Wilting flowers of a dystopian dream

Spring has been strange for the world this year. It has been unfair, unexpected, cruel and maddening. It has resulted in irreplaceable, and irreparable loss. Spring represents the rebirth of earth and was always a celebration (read here), but instead of adorning our lives with a new spirit of aliveness and joy, it has explicitly… Continue reading Wilting flowers of a dystopian dream