From Me, To Me.

Why is it that we always buy flowers for others? For the sick whilst visiting a hospital, for a loved one, for parents, for your wife, girlfriend, for an occasion, for a wedding, or a funeral. Why always for the other? While there is nothing wrong with giving people flowers and it must be done.… Continue reading From Me, To Me.

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Beginner art for healing

I don't paint. I don't know how to paint at all. I've never held a brush or drawn anything. By chance I saw here on WordPress the community all dedicated to watercolor, and I decided why not I try something myself. I took inspiration from a beautifully illustrated book "Treasury of flower designs" by… Continue reading Beginner art for healing


Wilting flowers of a dystopian dream

Spring has been strange for the world this year. It has been unfair, unexpected, cruel and maddening. It has resulted in irreplaceable, and irreparable loss. Spring represents the rebirth of earth and was always a celebration (read here), but instead of adorning our lives with a new spirit of aliveness and joy, it has explicitly… Continue reading Wilting flowers of a dystopian dream


An ode to the tulips of Istanbul

The Tulip Festival in Istanbul at Emirgan Park every April is an event none would like to miss!! Sadly due to the Coronavirus pandemic this year as I feared the beautiful tulip festival of Istanbul was cancelled. To bring the spirit of spring and the wonderful festival to the world again this year I pay… Continue reading An ode to the tulips of Istanbul