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The Beast Inside of Him

It surprises me how much relationship advice one can get from classic tales. There's a reason why masterpieces are called so. The best and most realistic version of the beauty and the beast fairytale I found was La Bella e la Bestia tv series 2014 from Mediaset Spain, LuxVide and RaiFiction Italy . An unkown,… Continue reading The Beast Inside of Him

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Relationship advice from Anna Karenina

In it's suffering, pain, angst and paranoia lie parallels in today's love and marriage. Leo Tolstoy's masterpiece Anna Karenina is considered one of the best novels in the world. The 800 page literary piece is difficult to condense into a motion picture however several attempts bring to view the world of Russian aristocracy from which… Continue reading Relationship advice from Anna Karenina

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The Mystery of Clairsentience elicited by Layla and Majnu

Majnu the madman in Persian illustration (Courtesy Wikipedia) Layla and Majnu, the ancient fanciful tale was about two real people. This article is entirely from my personal experience with this enigmatic emotion. When I was about 8 years old my mother told me the famous Oriental tale of Layla and the Madman. It appeared to… Continue reading The Mystery of Clairsentience elicited by Layla and Majnu