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The mirror on the wall

Academic life made me addicted to makeup. I just had to cover up all my defects, the blue eyes from stress and sleepless nights, the hyperpigmentation marks, the dull complexion and eternally weary face. Every morning I put a perfect face on to show to the world and trick myself into believing that I can… Continue reading The mirror on the wall

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The Vanity Slump: Part II

For the vanity slump part I please click here . It has been a full 6 months now, we all lost a job, the pandemic destroyed all chances of getting a new job, we faced death of a loved once, grieving in death saw millions who lost their near and dear ones, the lockdown and… Continue reading The Vanity Slump: Part II

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The Bee Diaries : The Chemistry of Makeup

Take any beauty product, makeup or skincare cream, hand, foot or body lotion turn it around and look at the ingredients, most probably you will find beeswax as the first or main component. Little had I known that extensive studies and research in molecular biology, biochemistry and entomology of the humble honey bee (click here… Continue reading The Bee Diaries : The Chemistry of Makeup