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A hair saga Part III : Thine silken mane

This is a detailed series on a hair care journey, here you can read Part I and Part II My silken locks Lustrous, luxurious, soft, shiny, glossy, slippery, and rich, a single look at silk brings these words to the mind. I have been fortunate to be wearing silk throughout my life since teens. My… Continue reading A hair saga Part III : Thine silken mane

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The Vanity Slump: Part II

For the vanity slump part I please click here . It has been a full 6 months now, we all lost a job, the pandemic destroyed all chances of getting a new job, we faced death of a loved once, grieving in death saw millions who lost their near and dear ones, the lockdown and… Continue reading The Vanity Slump: Part II


From Me, To Me.

Why is it that we always buy flowers for others? For the sick whilst visiting a hospital, for a loved one, for parents, for your wife, girlfriend, for an occasion, for a wedding, or a funeral. Why always for the other? While there is nothing wrong with giving people flowers and it must be done.… Continue reading From Me, To Me.


The gem of Pennsylvania : Longwood Gardens

No one says it but it's true: America is beautiful, not just your ordinary metropolitan, clean and systematic niceness but actually as exotic and adventurous as any tropical country. The weather is perfect, warm enough for green foliage, colourful insects and wide enough for reptiles and wild animals. America is downright gorgeous. And I mean… Continue reading The gem of Pennsylvania : Longwood Gardens

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The Beauty or Brains dilemma: accidentally in the Kylie Jenner trend

A smart, intelligent and hardworking young entrepreneur, thats what I saw. One lazy summer afternoon my friend starts commenting about my daily makeup routine and says "Zebbaaa you look a bit like Kylie Jenner! You should do makeup like her, it will suit your face, its the trend nowadays, oh your makeup style is so… Continue reading The Beauty or Brains dilemma: accidentally in the Kylie Jenner trend