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Insomnia and eye creams

Leave it to a scientist to find an eye-conic solution to insomnia. It all began in PhD, the dreary overworked time in which your eyes suffer more than your brain and your brain is already working at 500% efficiency. My sister (also in the mistake of being in a doctorate program) stepped into the liquidation… Continue reading Insomnia and eye creams


The university road can lead to different paths

Francesca Cappellini a fellow molecular biologist, now a successful science writer, describes how PhD graduates can break free from the invisible obligation of remaining connected to the academic circle and find new career paths with a doctorate degree. How can we make a career change if we don't have experience in a similar role? When… Continue reading The university road can lead to different paths


The Unlearning of Science

Since time immemorial curious adolescents have been yearning to know more and discover facts and skills they never knew. They had been searching far and wide for higher knowledge power and skills and that thirst brought them towards a master, guru or a sensai to prove their worth to be able to be recruited as… Continue reading The Unlearning of Science