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The best vacation ever: the inner journey of self awareness

Thomas Hardy had written "Far from the Madding Crowd" a long time ago long before us, but for us all 2020 was a genuine far from the maddening crowd. Summer 2019 I received a tourist visa to the US, I came to Philly, loved it and had planned to go to Hawaii in 2020, and… Continue reading The best vacation ever: the inner journey of self awareness

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Once upon a sorority tour….

It was a beautiful evening with the flashing traffic lights displaying a spectacle like that of fireworks. All the girls were ready waiting for the bus when I reached there. I was 23, pretty in pink, starry eyed, and I was ecstatic at the idea of hiking in the mountains with all my girls.“Hellos to… Continue reading Once upon a sorority tour….

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Strolling in the royal hunting grounds

Yildiz Park: the north point on the hill, you walk the slope down from here. Hidden in a silent lonely hill, away from the skyscrapers, hustle and bustle of the cafes, shops and bars, in an old suburb of Beşiktaş district lies Yildiz park (Yıldız Sarayı). The entrance to the park eluded me several times,… Continue reading Strolling in the royal hunting grounds

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Neutralize in the still void of the wilderness

At a remote village in winter- I disconnected from noisy urban life (and internet) and found meaning. The silent silver shoots with the ice capped peaks in the backdrop. I left the city for a break one winter. The break was like a desperate escape from the fast paced city life. I went to a… Continue reading Neutralize in the still void of the wilderness


An adventure in Ancient Rome

★★★★★ I was disappointed in a positive way when I read the Forbes article "‘Assassins Creed Odyssey’ Is The Perfect Non-Animal Crossing Lockdown Game" (read here), because it said everything that I wanted to say. The writer Paul Tussi literally stole the words from my mouth. Assassins Creed Odyssey is the game to play in… Continue reading An adventure in Ancient Rome

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Where “art” thou?

Despite being a non-art person there I was infront of the museum of art in Philadelphia. I know nothing about American history. None. I'm a bit illiterate in this regard. It's a bit understandable given that the Oxford history of India is so large and detailed I could never get the names or dates right.… Continue reading Where “art” thou?


The gem of Pennsylvania : Longwood Gardens

No one says it but it's true: America is beautiful, not just your ordinary metropolitan, clean and systematic niceness but actually as exotic and adventurous as any tropical country. The weather is perfect, warm enough for green foliage, colourful insects and wide enough for reptiles and wild animals. America is downright gorgeous. And I mean… Continue reading The gem of Pennsylvania : Longwood Gardens


The genie of the cave

Whilst travelling sometimes such trips pop up that are far more profound than others. Tourism is not only for relaxing enjoying and having a great time, sometimes they have an impact on your soul, they stir up a kind of spiritual portal inside of you which you never knew existed. It was enormous, the Gökgöl… Continue reading The genie of the cave