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Abandoning materialism : pandemic panning and empties

"Why wear makeup? Why wear any at all?" I wondered as I looked into my closet beauty and skincare stash, under lockdown, and noticed I had A LOT. I would have liked to believe that my makeup stash was far larger than my skincare one, but that was not the case. Put together I had… Continue reading Abandoning materialism : pandemic panning and empties

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The best vacation ever: the inner journey of self awareness

Thomas Hardy had written "Far from the Madding Crowd" a long time ago long before us, but for us all 2020 was a genuine far from the maddening crowd. Summer 2019 I received a tourist visa to the US, I came to Philly, loved it and had planned to go to Hawaii in 2020, and… Continue reading The best vacation ever: the inner journey of self awareness

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When all you ever needed was to love yourself

Not the fake one mind you. The genuine one. The celebration of you being the most unique creation, or evolved species, however you want to put it. So unique that there is only one of you on the face of the earth. The pandemic brought about a drastic change. A painful change, but for the… Continue reading When all you ever needed was to love yourself

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The mirror on the wall

Academic life made me addicted to makeup. I just had to cover up all my defects, the blue eyes from stress and sleepless nights, the hyperpigmentation marks, the dull complexion and eternally weary face. Every morning I put a perfect face on to show to the world and trick myself into believing that I can… Continue reading The mirror on the wall

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Experiments on thine self, to shampoo or no poo! A hair saga : Part II

This is a story of a long, long struggle I had throughout my life. For part I click here. I had always been made aware at "how, thin, limp, and straw like" your hair are, "you don't have length, thickness or volume" were the comments of every doctor, masseuse, and even every housemaid I had… Continue reading Experiments on thine self, to shampoo or no poo! A hair saga : Part II


Minimalism with responsible decluttering

The pandemic has brought out ugly truths of our fast paced modern lives which have left us baffled and changed. Everything has changed perspective and what may have once seemed a necessity no longer serves any purpose. The lockdown slumped the lipstick index and cosmetic sales plummeted. I just like the rest of us didn't… Continue reading Minimalism with responsible decluttering

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Insomnia and eye creams

Leave it to a scientist to find an eye-conic solution to insomnia. It all began in PhD, the dreary overworked time in which your eyes suffer more than your brain and your brain is already working at 500% efficiency. My sister (also in the mistake of being in a doctorate program) stepped into the liquidation… Continue reading Insomnia and eye creams

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The Vanity Slump: Part II

For the vanity slump part I please click here . It has been a full 6 months now, we all lost a job, the pandemic destroyed all chances of getting a new job, we faced death of a loved once, grieving in death saw millions who lost their near and dear ones, the lockdown and… Continue reading The Vanity Slump: Part II


The university road can lead to different paths

Francesca Cappellini a fellow molecular biologist, now a successful science writer, describes how PhD graduates can break free from the invisible obligation of remaining connected to the academic circle and find new career paths with a doctorate degree. How can we make a career change if we don't have experience in a similar role? When… Continue reading The university road can lead to different paths

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The Croc’s guide to success

It surprises me when biology is studied in the driest and most monotonous way possible, relying on facts figures and numbers especially since the nature and behaviour of animals teaches us immensely about our own nature as social animals (read here) . Take the example of the crocodile for instance. Nothing says freedom more than… Continue reading The Croc’s guide to success