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Colour saves a shoddy teen romance

★★ For everyone who has watched the Fifty shades of Grey series and actually admired it, well good news, they have been rebooted as Fifty Shades of Frocks aka Bridgerton. Apart from a singular aspect : the explicit representation of people of colour, Blacks, with Asians and Indian people to be seen alongside far east… Continue reading Colour saves a shoddy teen romance

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The forgotten legacy of the British colonization of India

“You are too fair to be of South Indian descent” remarked my friend who was from Pune. “So you have doubts to my Kerala origins? I replied. Along came another friend from Gujarat, he said “No! Girls from Kerala are so pretty and can be lighter skinned like you..” I wondered later about what they… Continue reading The forgotten legacy of the British colonization of India

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The secret in The Secret Garden

Some people in life are so precious, they are the air that we breathe. They are the light in our lives and the twinkle in our eyes. People that we assume we cannot simply live without .... And then as fate would have it. We loose them. We are forced to be separated with them,… Continue reading The secret in The Secret Garden

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The Happy Harpsichord

Anyone listening to baroque, rococo, and classical period music with merry violins and happy harpsichords chirping away would believe that the world is heaven. The music is too uplifting, and adding the setting of the gardens of Versailles it forms a display of utmost ecstasy, like a ballerina pirouetting on the roses of an imperial… Continue reading The Happy Harpsichord

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The Beast Inside of Him

It surprises me how much relationship advice one can get from classic tales. There's a reason why masterpieces are called so. The best and most realistic version of the beauty and the beast fairytale I found was La Bella e la Bestia tv series 2014 from Mediaset Spain, LuxVide and RaiFiction Italy . An unkown,… Continue reading The Beast Inside of Him

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The innocence at Wildfell

Unapologetically I proclaim the vain nature of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Classic and heavily admired as they are, filled with doom amid romance, they are totally overshadowed by the practicality, blunt nature and straightforward merit of Anne Bronte's magnum opus "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall". The moment I watched it, I watched it again,… Continue reading The innocence at Wildfell

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Lahore, the Lorax & the Lockdown

On November 22, 2019 I was already wearing a face mask, so my brother, and so was my mom. We weren't struck by Covid-19 yet. The issue was we couldn't breathe due to the smog. The air pollution was so extreme that we were breathing burning smoke with a sooty odor. Schools were being scheduled… Continue reading Lahore, the Lorax & the Lockdown

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Cinderella’s domestic abuse and torment

Her despair, anguish, & suffering doesn't taint her kind heart. Cinderella's story is impactful beyond explanation. It was never about the prince to begin with. It was a story of survival of pushing through. Interestingly in Wikipedia it is defined similarly : "Cinderella", or "The Little Glass Slipper", is a folk tale embodying an element of unjust… Continue reading Cinderella’s domestic abuse and torment

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Beginner art for healing

I don't paint. I don't know how to paint at all. I've never held a brush or drawn anything. By chance I saw here on WordPress the community all dedicated to watercolor, and I decided why not I try something myself. I took inspiration from a beautifully illustrated book "Treasury of flower designs" by… Continue reading Beginner art for healing

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Relationship advice from Anna Karenina

In it's suffering, pain, angst and paranoia lie parallels in today's love and marriage. Leo Tolstoy's masterpiece Anna Karenina is considered one of the best novels in the world. The 800 page literary piece is difficult to condense into a motion picture however several attempts bring to view the world of Russian aristocracy from which… Continue reading Relationship advice from Anna Karenina