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Abandoning materialism : pandemic panning and empties

“Why wear makeup? Why wear any at all?” I wondered as I looked into my closet beauty and skincare stash, under lockdown, and noticed I had A LOT. I would have liked to believe that my makeup stash was far larger than my skincare one, but that was not the case. Put together I had plenty of skin and body care products too. I was glad that the lockdown also put a lockdown on my beauty buying and helping me shop my stash, staying indoors where I realized that I have products which I didn’t know about and had totally forgotten.

The pandemic made me realize how important travelling and socializing was. It worth it to spend to travel with your friends and family rather than to splurge on any product for that matter. Apart from the bare essentials there was really no need for me to do so much beauty spending gathering piles of products.

Summer made me use up a lot of shampoo, soaps, scrubs and face washes. In autumn I started using the moisturizers, conditioner, lotions and creams, which I continued into winter. The gratification of using up a tube, cutting it and scooping out the last bits of remaining product is unlike another. I’m now addicted to shopping my stash, panning those palettes, and every new year’s goal will be that of having as much empties as I can. I would have lesser products in the future, higher quality, and ones which I actually utilize and avoid the unnecessary clutter not to mention much more time too!

For dealing with stress and anxiety my nail polishes have really seen some usage too. It gets difficult finishing them up, I’ve always been lazy in nail care and applying polish has helped me to focus more on nail grooming and has been very relaxing too.

I found multiple uses for my makeup. If I do finish up my chapstick and lip balms I decided to reach out for clear glosses for hydrating my lips. For moisturizing skin, using a primer with a foundation for dry skin could always work. I will use up the product and hydrate my skin at the same time. A few drops of olive oil on my face before applying the matte foundations could help me use them in winters too.

I’ve also decided to use my high end products. I spent my hard earned money and I deserve to get my money’s worth from them. Life is so short and fragile, I don’t have to wait for the appropriate occasion, in the end they are just objects, items, things, I need to use things and value people, not the other way around.

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