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Experiments on thine self, to shampoo or no poo! A hair saga : Part II

This is a story of a long, long struggle I had throughout my life. For part I click here.

I had always been made aware at “how, thin, limp, and straw like” your hair are, “you don’t have length, thickness or volume” were the comments of every doctor, masseuse, and even every housemaid I had who would oil my hair. It was annoying and actually pretty saddening. It got to the point where I just accepted my hair as they were and started working on my personality. Even though I was a lovely, pretty girl I had been convinced to the point that I was born very ugly with thin hair (read here for the whole story).

So through experimentation throughout my life until 30 years old I tried everything, and I found out exactly what didn’t work. You can read about what exactly doesn’t work for your hair here.

Then as it happened my hair continued to be thin and it was hair fall which made me all the more concerned. It only, If Just ONLY my hair would stop falling then at least the hair would grow longer to be a bit thicker than they are and I would have something of a foliage growing on my crown. I was born with thin hair, but I had managed to figure out the problem with my nails and then skin and I felt I could find the answer to my hair issue too. I kept asking the universe the answer to my hair issue. I invoked positive energy and didn’t give up on seeking the answer.

I had by now established that water was a big aspect in hair health and since the water in my dormitory was so hard I had to figure out a way to still have nice hair with the mineral deposits on my scalp. My search took me to clarifying shampoos for hard water and shampoos for colour treated hair for adding shine to limp hair (even it they weren’t dyed). I couldn’t find much in Istanbul, I bought the Kerastase Colour Riche only and when I went to Philadelphia I bought Avalon Lemon Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner, Paul Mitchells Clarifying Shampoo, Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Volcanic Clay Daily Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner.

I started with the Hawaii Clay once without SLS. I didn’t see much improvement even though I wanted to. It felt like regular shampoo. The Avalon one SLS free again felt very organic but the shampoo did feel harsh. The conditioner however was more like a heavy kitchen made mask and was very thick and mayonnaise like. I did not see a big difference. The Avalon shampoo seemed as harsh as a normal shampoo.

All the shampoos were such a big disappointment, temporary shine, then limp hair.

The fad of rice water burst everywhere on the internet and I wondered could this be the magic answer to all my hair problems? I started fermented rice water and I felt immediately a shine whilst I used it as a leave in conditioner. There was just one problem of washing my hair… How to do that? Use rice water as the shampoo? Or to use a mild shampoo with the rice water? I started using the Paul Mitchells Clarifying Shampoo with rice water regularly. I thought i felt my hair more shiny but all through this time my hair fall did not reduce. For me 100 hair falling a day is a huge amount given the less hair density I had. It was no use. Something had to change, I was desperate and I didn’t want a single hair to fall at all.

I saw an Instagram account of a Sarah Hannah Bell with unbelievably long and healthy hair. She mentioned the first step of hair care to be discontinuing using all hair products. I had been so disappointed by all products that I decided to immediately stop all hair products. But what to wash the hair with? Online women swore by using baking soda. I was highly sceptical. Surely it could not wash anything. Without any thought I just took a bit of soda, dissolved it in a huge mug of water and took a shower…….

I was shocked, baffled at how super silky my hair had become. The build-up gone, the grime gone, the frizz gone. I later discovered baking soda is a natural water softener and that was why my hair felt so super soft and silky with a shine I had never seen before.

The rest is history. I have never used shampoo since and I never will, never ever, especially since I saw it as an ingredient in my bathroom cleaning solution. Read about it here in Part III.

Images credit : Pixabay.

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