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The Vanity Slump: Part II

For the vanity slump part I please click here .

It has been a full 6 months now, we all lost a job, the pandemic destroyed all chances of getting a new job, we faced death of a loved once, grieving in death saw millions who lost their near and dear ones, the lockdown and social distancing took away the comfort of having friends and family over to your place. The pandemic crushed the energy and human spirit. We heard the cries and protests of millions on the streets, the world burning, statues falling. The worst part crept slowly as financially instability and as the pandemic prolonged it started getting worse and worse for everyone.

There is a desperation to getting the world economy back up on it’s feet. People must travel to other countries for their business and jobs. Millions of students had to start their semester abroad. People stuck at home need to be able to earn for themselves again. Money must flow again to put food on the table. With so much grieving, uncertainty, suffering and prolonged isolation is it alright to try to be happy and normal again? Is the feeling of happiness valid? Are we being unfaithful to the memory of our departed loved ones by being desirous of joy, happiness and festivity again?

I used to wear colourful stylish clothes, I used to apply colour cosmetics, I used to travel, I used to have a job. Didn’t we all? Death and grief overcame me, the pandemic devoured my soul personally, but it wasn’t me alone, it was the entire world. Sometimes my unhappy heart, bare face and plain clothes want to be colourful again. But I am afraid to be happy again, that my happiness will be destroyed again.

Is it not true that good economic circumstances give a boost to art and culture? It is not true that arts, music, and entertainment flourishes in affluence? But is it also not true that after extended periods of melancholy, disaster, disease and war cities have indeed flourished, new children have been born to bring their giggles in a sad world? Festivities were brought back, dancing folk and instruments playing would dampen the sorrowful cries of the past.

As I think of the vanity slump I reflect back 200 years in a lonely village a peasant girl toiling away in the fields. After a long and tiresome day wouldn’t the peasant girl have wanted to take a dip in the lake, loot at herself, relax and comb her long hair for long hours, redden her lips with beetroot and strawberries, dream of dancing at the carnival and finding love again?

Did not people apply cosmetics throughout history? Was it not a normal human emotion to beautify themselves for health and psychological purposes. When my eyes would burn staring at the computer screen in the office for hours did I not end up applying Kohl (like the ancient Egyptians) and mascara every morning to open my eyes wide awake and to keep them healthy?

Makeup is a creative outlet. Beauty is art, it is cathartic. Beauty influencers are people on jobs, what if they have no other earning than being a makeup artist and are the breadwinner of their large family? Despite the apprehension I feel that perhaps I would like to apply some rouge to my cheeks and scarlet hues to my lips. There was a time when I had wanted to gift myself the Huda Beauty Nude Rose Palette for my birthday. Maybe the vanity isn’t so vain after all when you need to heal from trauma and extended doom and dread. Maybe this is nature’s way to letting us to move forward. The darkness should not completely blot out all the light and color from our lives. I think its time for me to grab my favourite bourjois blush and loreal’s true reds lipstick and look forward to a new day, a new sun and a new beginning.

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