What doesn’t kill you, only makes you smaller

It was a German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who said

“Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker.” 

“what does not kill me makes me stronger.”

Twilight of the the Idols (1888)

In life we are terribly scarred by experience, adversity, mishap, accident, grief and so many other deeeply impactful scenarios which drag a person down into despair. They make us feel weak, feeble and unable to control, unable to handle. It happens with everyone.

What makes you stronger is the healing process. Unless that happens, what doesn’t kill you actually does make you smaller, insecure and does in fact kill you from the inside. It kills a small part of your heart, your whole becomes a fraction less. If the adversity is strong enough it has the full potential to drive you towards suicide. Yes, people who do not heal from their wounds loose purpose and do kill themselves.

In that case what doesn’t kill you ends up making you kill you.

Healing is what makes you stronger. The main point to ponder is how does that happen? The truth is that it can come from anywhere at all. It can come from within yourself too. Strong people heal themselves unconsciously, the process is quick and effortless by practice, but they too indeed heal themselves, which is why they manage to move forward and learn from the experience and make themselves stronger.

Unless you heal, or someone or something heals you, by no means do you ever ever get stronger. If you are already a strong willed person with thick skin then you will make yourself stronger by taking the bulls by the horns and facing your situation Head ON.

Initially trauma, secondly reflection with understanding and lastly healing leads to a stronger you

But sometimes, and from my experience this is the usual case that people need someone else to heal or at least initiate the healing process. It can be your spouse, partner, best friend, parent or grandparent and even your favourite teacher. The closest people are usually the ones who provide a platform for making you stronger. In other severe traumatic cases it takes a very strong, stable and professional personality like a doctor, psychologist or consultant who pinpoints the exact dilemma and provides a suitable solution. In other situations it could be a complete stranger on the subway, a mischievous child or even an unlikely incident of your least favourite officemate.

So next time what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, ONLY if you heal, learn and move on.

Image by Stephanie Ghesquier from Pixabay

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