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The Croc’s guide to success

It surprises me when biology is studied in the driest and most monotonous way possible, relying on facts figures and numbers especially since the nature and behaviour of animals teaches us immensely about our own nature as social animals (read here) . Take the example of the crocodile for instance. Nothing says freedom more than a crocodile. The crocs and gators aren’t captive even when captive. Their mental state is exemplary, grabbing at a chance to attack in a split second. Too often we as humans are imprisoned in our own jail of fears and insecurities, the self-doubt is overwhelming and self limiting and destructive to our well being, success and progress. Thus I present to you the Crocodile’s guide to success for Humans.

  • Swim effortlessly. That heavy few tonne beast glides smoothly in the water barely swaying his tail, no resistance to the water whilst a human splashes frantically during the first lessons of swimming. He becomes one with the water and let’s go of stiffness and gets weightless and pacific. Glide through your difficulties like the croc, if you’ll fight with your environment and circumstances, frantically splashing like a new swimmer in the water you are sure to drown. Let go of control, let the water make you float.
  • Thick skin. This is a huge quality of the croc. You’ll never be successful in life if your skin isn’t hard leather like the croc. There is no way anyone can get forward if they can’t be tough.
  • Decisive attack. Wait for the chance and grab it in a split second. The gator doesn’t wait to think “Oh, will this prey even be delicious or not?”, it grabs the chance in a lightening second, that’s exactly how you should jump at opportunity and chances in life.
  • Tenacity. Once the jaws are locked on , they are not easy to remove. Once you set a goal and achieve it, grab on to it with crocodile jaws. Be the hunter, not the hunted, don’t fall prey to anything.
  • Absolute confidence. If the croc needs to attack an enormous wildebeest, it will. If it cant defeat it, it will try again but never ever have self doubt.
  • The environment. If the croc can’t defeat its prey on land, it will drag it into the water, it will take full advantage of its surroundings and environment. Humans also need to utilize their current situation and environment to its fullest potential, there is no such thing as “when things are better”. So next time the ball is in your court, be a croc!
  • The crocodile grin… The most misunderstood quality… You need to learn to be unresponsive and unreactive to situations. You have to put on a deceptive grin. You need to appreciate what you hate, you need to grin and bear it when your broken. The deceptive grin is your biggest asset. On another note open senseless confrontation also leads you nowhere, negotiation, flexibility, endurance and tolerance of shit behaviour from people is a virtue and indispensable for success. Just have a crocodile grin.
  • Defeat your fears mercilessly. The crocodile drags it’s pray into the depths of the water and twirls itself with centripetal force to drown it’s enemy. Think of your fears, lacks, bad memories, woes and worries. Now hunt them down and drag them to the depths of oblivion like the croc. Forget your limitations and kill your fears mercilessly.
  • Never give up. Crocs never relent. Neither should you. Even in captivity the croc waits and waits for the one single chance to strike and finish off it’s enemy. Even when it cant find prey, I’ve never seen a croc lose heart, it will however plan how to eat a heart.
  • Crocodile tears. If you do feel too low convert your pain into purpose. Never let the grief or sorrow block your life and imprison you in sadness, you’ll never be able to grow again. Whatever you’ve experienced, no matter how painful only cry crocodile tears with the intention that you will overcome your grief and be stronger than before. Trick your fears by making them into crocodile tears. Never cry genuine tears of sadness and grief, you are too important to be feeling so low.
  • Aggressively follow your dreams. If there is one word for the most famous croc the Nile crocodile it is that they are extremely aggressive. Passion is not enough, you need to rigorously and aggressively chase your dream. Literally

This is for all feeling low in life, and for people pondering suicide. Crocs don’t contemplate suicide. When their natural prey is depleted they move and find their food elsewhere. Be a croc, don’t be a prey to your insecurities. This post is actually dedicated to the memory of Sushant Singh Rajput, a brilliant mind, talented actor, a true prodigy who succumbed to the pressures of a harsh world and took his life. May suicide not be the only option left for other precious lives. Be strong, be a croc!

Images Credit : Pixabay

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