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Colour: the spice of the world

Imagine a Scot playing bagpipes on the hills of Scotland.

Irish people skipping away in their tap dance.

A Spanish Flamenco dancer flaring her skirt and tapping her heels.

A native American dancing in traditional attire adorned with feathers.

A geisha performing swaying motions in her floral kimono.

A Thai nail dancer flickering her golden fingers.

An African tribal dance with a group in a circle adorned with beads.

An Indian bharatanaytam dancer with red hands and feet with bells flexing a pose.

The list goes on, it doesn’t end here, it contains innumerable variety, just like the products on the shelves of a departmental store, difficult to choose, right?

Whilst it may appear to be an advertisement of National Geographic or some sort, it is a very relevant to each other as an expression of human spirit through music. It’s all the same, humans of every color, ethnicity and race swaying away in ecstasy to music. Color is the spice of human existence. It divided us into tribes and groups the same way you have a never ending variety of flowers. If their was only one flower in the world the monotony would kill our mind. Imagine eating the exact same meal bland and unspiced every single day throughout your life. Undoubtedly you wouldn’t stay alive very long. It is this same variety that was deliberately made by evolution to bring that color to spice up things for us a little not to divide us but to open our minds, hearts and soul to the fascination that is human race.

Intermingling with cultures myself I assure you, there is not a single disadvantage of being friends with another culture except maybe only if they speak a different language, apart from that NONE, NONE at all. When I hosted my friend Jae Inn I discovered Korean sushi and Bulgogi is to die for. The sane goes foe the rest, nothing beats a Turkish doner, I love Persian Lobia Polo, Italian fettucine alfredo, Brazilian stroganoff, Chinese chowmein and who doesn’t love Burger King? It’s the variety that excites us. So if we weren’t divided into different colors how would we evolve the different tastes and choose different herbs and ingredients to make these culinary wonders ?

Race is necessary, but racism is not. There is no gene for racism. No child born in this world knows what racism is. It is taught, deliberately and propagated to children to distort their innate wisdom and nature. What is worse is systemic racism a sinister and insidious cancer

What can we do about it? Charity begins at home. Go to your neighbour and break the ice. Understanding and communication is utmost. You need to take the courage to take the first step towards comprehending the other person. You’ll be shocked to find out that every person is your same basic average human being trying to put dinner on the table and have a nice time. Start from your family if you have mixed relatives, start from your school, your class, your colleagues. Be a part of their world. Systemic racism doesn’t start on the outside. It starts from the inside. As far as crime is concerned every single human being has a potential to do something wrong. We are all in the grey area there. We are all prone to err. The crime needs to be condemned, condoned, not the criminal. Stealing is bad, vandalism is bad, but any color can commit that crime.

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