Grinding to 80s synth and vinyl under lockdown

If anything positive could possibly have come out from the house arrest during this pandemic, it is rediscovering childhood favourite songs. They were infact cult classics and only in a mature age can their awesomeness be truly appreciated. My rooms needed painting and with everyone under lockdown the job was left down to me. I needed “motivational” music and it came after inspiration from watching the Netflix hit Stranger Things that I decided to experiment listening to my childhood 80s music.

It was the best thing that could have happened. I was swinging the paintbrush like Daniel in The Karate Kid except I was grooving to the awesome synthwave hits. 80s synth hits were the best to beat the lockdown blues:

1. Cars – Gary Numan. Without a doubt the best synth song ever made, the eerie, hypnotic notes of this song give it a kind of sexy, edgy, and haunting feel all at once. You can dance in any style on this, even pole dance! It presents a parallel how we are safe in our homes with the terror outside “it’s the only way to live in cars

2. Broken Wings – Mr Mister. A song for hope, starting again, this is a song relevant to this pandemic, for those who lost their jobs, their loved ones, whose “wings were broken” by the lockdown, “take these broken wings and learn to fly again“.

3. Tarzan Boy – Baltimora. I wish men wore makeup with as much grace as Baltimora or David Bowie. Everything about this song is enjoyable, the simple groovy moves, the synth, the lyrics and the jungle theme (eat your heart out Katy Perry, before your Roar, there was Tarzan Boy)

4. Take on me – A-Ha. The synth in this song has been rechurned for modern songs, but this original upbeat rhythm and the comic book themed video in another dimension is exquisite, melodious and irreproducible. Still gorgeous today as it was when released. The perfect love song for running away from this pandemic dimension into another one. 1 Billion YouTube views says it all.

5. Brother Louie – Modern Talking. Thomas Anders the man with the best hair ever, even Rapunzel would be jealous of those tresses. Modern Talking is the embodiment of 80s synth, with all their songs having a romantic tune are sure to make anyone jump into a waltz or ballet pirouette.

5. Dancing in the Street – Mick Jagger & David Bowie. Two legends dancing on the street in unchoreographed freestyle moves….. AWeSOMEneSS! I send this message to all the cities of the world to be hopeful and after this pandemic is over would be “dancing in the street”. RIP David Bowie, no one could pull off makeup in that princely manner that you could!

6. People are People – Depeche Mode. This song is for the whole world right now. I dedicate this song exclusively to George Lloyd. We have absolutely no need to hate each other. This virus didn’t discriminate amongst any race or color, when will we learn we are one humankind? RIP George Lloyd, we all are with you in death and in want of justice.

7. Radio Gaga – Queen. The beats in this song are tarantismic, with Freddie Mercury in that muscle man macho look, and the vintage footage. Don’t worry Freddie radio just got converted into Spotify, we still don’t need visuals for good music like yours.

8. Cruel Summer – Bananarama. Despite having such a joyful video this song still resonates a melancholy beat. This summer 2020 couldn’t be more cruel to everyone on the planet. A real cruel cruel summer, leaving us all alone on our own.

9. I wanna dance with somebody – Whitney Houston. With the lockdown, social distancing and staying at home don’t we all want to dance with somebody. With Whitney’s heavenly vocals, happy synth tunes and dance tempo this song is perfect for a girls zoom slumber party.

10. Footloose-Kenny Loggins. Anyone who danced like Kevin Bacon in this song is bound to never feel sad or blue in lockdown again! Kick of those Sunday shoes! Lose your blues, everybody cut footloose.

11. Kiss- Prince & The Revolution. Erotic, exotic, upbeat, funky, bold and beautiful… This song, the audio and video is an experience.

12. The Model – Kraftwork. Ahh the synth in this song is unique. Makes anyone feel like Model.

13. Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood. This song slowly builds to its cresendo. Only one thing can be said : “just wait for it!”

14. Lambada- Kaoma. You are bound to dislike J Lo’s Dance on the Floor after listening to it. It deserves it, don’t worry again.

15. Enjoy the silence- Depeche Mode. This band is awesome. A haunting synth number its beats still make you want to groove.

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