But first wait long

We all need something in life. We are all in want and in need of something desperately. It could be big or small, valuable or cheap. It could be the most important need of your life or a simple want. It could be as simple as growing nails, growing long hair, loosing weight to be thin, gaining weight, getting those muscles, getting a better job, finding love, making it big, growing flowers, growing an orchard, making honey, the list of possible desires is infinite for every person. Its just not going to happen in one day, not overnight, it just won’t work that way! (well perhaps maybe quitting sugar will actually help in a single day, overnight). But why is it that whatever we desire and sometimes actually need something desperately, comes to us after this intense period of waiting and uncertainty? Why are we forced to wait and be patient? Why such gloom before the bloom?

The answer arises as another question : are you first worthy of them? The waiting period builds your patience and worth to become deserving of those blessings. You will value them more, be careful of them, take care of them, cherish and protect them in contrast to getting something the quick and easy way! Even Cinderella’s relief and wondrous gifts from the fairy godmother came after years of suffering .She first had to prove herself worthy to go and be the “Belle of the Ball” and to be worthy of the Prince (read here).

First deserve, then desire.

The universe analyzes your worth then rewards you. You need to prove you are worth it. Even obtaining a degree especially a PhD tests your mettle, anyone with a doctorate, or a ballet dancer understands this best of all. The masters, sensai, gurus of old never took students who were not worthy. The universe works the same way. Its a natural process of the universe to test your worth before giving you anything at all, be it a measure of courage, conviction, worth, steadfastness, perseverance, tenacity, hard work, loyalty, kindness, it could be anything.

Everything comes to he who waits.

French quote.

If you are given something without patient, strife and effort you are bound not to value it, you will never give the due importance that it deserves. So next time you desire something bigger, first deserve it!

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