From Me, To Me.

Why is it that we always buy flowers for others? For the sick whilst visiting a hospital, for a loved one, for parents, for your wife, girlfriend, for an occasion, for a wedding, or a funeral. Why always for the other?

While there is nothing wrong with giving people flowers and it must be done. But there’s isn’t a better element than to invoke self love in yourself than a flower. Gift yourself a flower, put flowers everywhere. You don’t have to be a woman to appreciate the beauty of flowers.

You could be of any race, color, creed, orientation, age or gender to give yourself a fresh bunch of wildflowers, a single tulip, or rose, or a showy bunch of lilies or gladiolus. Flowers are nature’s way of bringing a fantastical joy. Their symmetry and mathematically perfect form brings a pattern of stability to one’s mind.

Grab your favorite variety and place it on your desk as a form of self appreciation, self love, self value and self gratitude. You don’t need validation or love from anyone, you need it first and foremost from yourself and what better way to express it than giving yourself flowers.

People who actually take time to stop and smell flowers are some of the most grateful people on Earth. Do it! Go outside and take time to immerse yourself in the beauty of flowers and pick one for your desk, for you!

If your a girl put a flower in your hair, if you’re a gentleman put one in your coat breast pocket. Keep it there. Gift it to you, you deserve it the most. You will be surprised to know how many psychological and mental disorders a person can develop all as a result only of unappreciation from oneself, by undervaluing your own worth, for ignoring your own hard work, for not saying “thank you” to you.

Life is bleak, life is short, life is ugly, life is dark and unharmonious. It forces a person into a whirlwind of uncertainty and fear of survival and the unknown. Nature provides a relief, and the colours bring joy to the mind, heart and soul, just as an artist breathes life into a black line art form to create a vibrant three dimensional portrait.

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