Flowers with magic powers

Atropa belladonna, commonly referred to as Belladonna, is the deadly nightshade, a highly poisonous plant.

Alice sitting on the grass on a hot dull summers day hums to herself

…All the flowers
Would have very extra-special powers
They would sit and talk to me for hours
When I’m lonely in a world of my own

In a World of My Own-Alice in Wonderland 1951

The song clearly describes the monthly cycles “lady days” alone in bed, staring at the garden from your room window, unhappy, feeling hot and dull, lonely and slightly depressed longing for a comforting bliss.

Doloex, ponstan, buscopan, acetaminophen, ibuprofen all are pills taken for the excruciating menstrual cramps. Though effective many of them have side effects causing constipation, weakened immunity and stomach issues thus making the menstrual ordeal challenging in a different way.

Dealing with dysmenorrhea was always hard for me. I had the intense labour pain – like cramping in the abdomen and thigh muscles. The pain was always so intense that I had to take a day or two off from work every single time. I suffered like this for 20 years. Coping with a heavy flow on periods took its toll on everyday activities every month. Being absent at work was sometimes not an option. Indeed it was the “curse of Eve” upon me every month.

Chamomille tea was considered the holy grail of all period problems, and even though I took concentrated Chamomille drops, and cups of chamomille tea it just did not work for me. I took it for 5 years and even in its medicinal form it was not a real cure for my problem.

Lemon balm Melissa offincinalis is also popular for period aches.

My Turkish friend recommended Melissa tea, common in the mediterranean region used for “lady” issues. Sadly again it never worked for me. I also used it for hormonal (period time) acne. I saw no striking result in the reduction of those large boils around the chin.

The pasqueflower or Pulsatilla vulgaris, though popular for dysmenorrhea proved inefffective.

Pulsatilla was another medicine I looked up from the internet but it worked exactly like chamomille, I was just tricking myself to believe that something is happening and would later resort to ibuprofen.

I then realized and concluded that every person’s needs are different and personalized medicine is all the more important and relevant nowadays. What works for another will definitely not work for you. You are your own best doctor.

If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.

Spearmint was a saviour

By chance once I had eaten fresh spearmint chutney with my salad for several days right before the menstrual cycle and to my surprise there was no onset of cramping pain and muscle stiffness and ache, no lighthadedness. I felt fresh and active. It was the consumption of fresh mint which kept my iron supplies high and came as a miracle cure. The only shotcoming was that I did not have access to fresh mint every time and I was too busy to chart out when in the month I must start more mint intake. Dried mint infused tea did work but took time to pacify the pain, and it wasn’t as effective as fresh mint.

Then there came a time when I had access to neither chamomille, mint, melissa, pulsatilla or any painkiller. The only medicine lying around was Belladonna, which I incorrectly remembered as a medicine used for fever. Someone had used it for an irritated bowel a week earlier so without any thought I took a dose.

Belladonna means beautiful lady because in the past in Italy the berry juice was used by women to dilate the eye pupils for beautification.

Why is it that every time we give up on something entirely that we find the perfect answer? We will never know for sure how nature tends to bestow its blessings on us. Unbeknownst to me Atropa belladonna a little known medicine proved to be the ultimate miracle cure. During the severe pain one dose speedily relieved the stabbing pain. A few hours later another dose had me in good condition. I was shocked. It relieved all of my symptoms. Everytime that I take it now I am amazed to experience how effectively the medicine works. I will never have to skip work again on a monthly basis. Flowers indeed have magic powers, all you need to do is find the right one for you. I am a true believer in naturopathy now and would suggest everyone to seek the answer from nature and they shall surely find.

Comment and share your own personal dysmenorrhea stories, did you find a solution in herbs or pills?

Some reference has been taken from

Images Credit: Pixabay

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