The gem of Pennsylvania : Longwood Gardens

No one says it but it’s true: America is beautiful, not just your ordinary metropolitan, clean and systematic niceness but actually as exotic and adventurous as any tropical country. The weather is perfect, warm enough for green foliage, colourful insects and wide enough for reptiles and wild animals. America is downright gorgeous. And I mean from the tip to toe, Canada down to Chile, America as a whole is my number one destination to go for adventure. Sorry Asia & Europe!

Out of the blue one day I found myself packing to go to the States, I was so busy I barely had any time to think about where to travel for adventure. As I packed to leave for the airport a serendipitous chance brought me to Longwood Gardens.

Less than an hour’s drive away from the metropolitan Philadelphia lies a treasure trove of exotic plants trees and hundreds of flowers blessing you with beauty, relaxation and wonder.

Needless to say it was amazing. Even though the day was hot, it was absolutely worth it. A lazy stroll through the gardens lifts the moods, enlightens the mind, make you smile as if your in love for the first time. It is an excellent place for escaping from the city concrete.

The gardens are huge, there is plenty to see there. There is every type of tree, flower, shrub and bush you can think of. My favorite of course were the hydrophytes : the water lilies. From where I come, water lotuses grow natively in streams and canals and are even considered sacred.

Even if you are not too interested in flowers a trip to the gardens is a must to just have a forest-therapy like effect on the mind. As an empath the energy of the entire crowd there felt clear, light and relaxed if not happy and overjoyed. Visit the gardens when you can for a soul cleanse.

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