The genie of the cave

Whilst travelling sometimes such trips pop up that are far more profound than others. Tourism is not only for relaxing enjoying and having a great time, sometimes they have an impact on your soul, they stir up a kind of spiritual portal inside of you which you never knew existed.

It was enormous, the Gökgöl Cave was a true wonder!

A trip to Zonguldak was one such trip. I always wanted to travel to this place and I had a surprise chance to travel there one chilly new years day. The Black Sea region is an odd place due to the rough sea. The sea was ferocious and relentless as though a Roman god Poseidon was crashing the grey waves of the sea like a trident on the shores.

Its coal mining history was also heartrending. Hundreds of young men lost their lives for a handful of coal. It was all in all a tour which had a deep impact on my soul and made me think differently about the new year.

The stalactites shone a fluorescent kryptonite-like hue even more evident in the camera lens

One day my friends took me to an unknown landmark in Zonguldak. It turned out to be a cave the Gökgöl Mağarası (cave). As we entered the cave slowly the magnitude of the hollow area inside came to view. It was huge. The third cave I visited and the largest. It was a surreal experience as if being a geologist in a National Geographic documentary. The cave was empty apart from me and two of my friends. It was silent and very dark indeed. As I slowly absored the mysteriousness of the cave into my eyes my friends wandered off ahead of me. Busy in photographing the lighted area of the cave I wondered in such a closed environment which animals would live here? I tried looking for bats or any insects at the botton rocks but there were none. Then as I slowly walked forward I realized I was alone and another flash came into my mind, the being which famously inhabits caves are the Djinns! My whole body froze with fear and I could not hear or see my friends.. My body shuddered and I tried to swiftly walk towards my friends on the slippery rocky floor of the cave. My mind recalled all the instances of djinns in the caves, in one thousand and one nights, the lamp was also lying deep in a cave when Alladdin was sent to fetch it, there was a huge cave somewhere in Arabia called the Majlis-al- Djinn: the meeting place for the genies… I was in for it. There was no escaping the mischief of those supernatural beings if any of them chose to appear infront of me. A chill ran down through my spine. Frightened to the bone I proceeded further into the depths of the huge cave.

My mind recalled all the instances of djinns in the caves, in one thousand and one nights, the lamp was also lying deep in a cave when Alladdin was sent to fetch it.

After several seconds which didnt appear to finish quick enough I barely caught glimpse of my friends. The dripping water started to sound more and more sharp. Steadily the water channeled into a stream in the cave. It went on until a glass bridge came to view. The stalactites and stalagmites became more and more visible due to the running water.

The formations of the rocks were lightened by colourful floodlights and shone flourescent during photography, it must have been due to the high mineral content. You can see the glass panels showing the gushing stream, on the right is the stream in full view. If I had known what a beauty I would discover I would have brought a better camera alongwith me. Still my pictures are far more realistic than the heavily colouful ones online! But no picture doesn justice to the feel of this cave, the dripping water, trickling flow, gushing streams and the silence and stillness of the quiet areas with the huge dome like roof can only be experienced! A must visit indeed.

All images are subjected to copyright.

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