The wonderful sea : beaches of Kuşadası

Kuşadası town main square, a sea heaven!

When it comes to travelling there are three places which can never go wrong : sea, forest and ancient ruins, pack them all together and you get the perfect travel experience. For all the fortunate people out there on the beaches, it’s a gift like no other, but for some of us who live in land locked locations, the craving for the sea is real.

The water is crystal clear with the turquoise sheen of the Aegean Sea

I always lived in a plain region and was unaccustomed to the bountiful joys that a beach can give. It was not until I moved abroad to Turkey that the whole new world opened up to me of beaches and sand with the turquoise blue water waves gushing at your body playfully. Ah the joys of the world before the pandemic!

One of the views walking along the city shore

This summer it appears that the beauty of a hot summer’s day on a beach will be a dream for many of us and a long wait for May 2021 will bring back the joys of vacations on the shore. Despite the opening of travel and tourism this summer I doubt it would be wise to put yourself at risk.

The landmark, the main fortress, the Kuşadası Castle on Pigeon Island

One place in Turkey which is a travel gem is Kuşadası. Kuş means bird and Ada means island in Turkish, there are many reasons for this particular name, one being the variety of birds found in the nearby forest.

Some of the mermaid rocks you visit on the boat tours

This beach resort town  is a treasure trove of sea forest and ancient ruin as are most places on the Aegean sea, it transports you back into ancient Greece and Rome with the luxuries of the sea to fulfil that true travel experience.

Kuşadası is a popular place for swimming not only on the town beaches but even better a boat tour takes you all around to pristine waters shining a turquoise blue against the rocks. All in all it is completely worth it!

2 thoughts on “The wonderful sea : beaches of Kuşadası”

  1. This looks life a fun place to go. I have never been on the Turkish Riviera and I was really looking forward to try it. Your input encouraged me even more. 🙂 Thanks!

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