Mermaids and waterfalls, fairies and forests

in April two years ago the adventure of a lifetime was the most relaxing way to spend the spring. Though we cannot access travel now but a nostalgia of the beautiful adventures could bring the home-imprisoned world of today some solace and hope. For anyone travelling form outside Turkey, as you fly to Istanbul at the Sabiha Gokcen airport, take a transportation to Pendik. In Pendik you walk straight towards the shore and you find the Pendik Sea Bus Terminal (Istanbul Deniz Otobusler IDO terminal). You get tickets from there which are quite inexpensive and take the ferry directly to Yalova.

That calming sigh of relief when you leave the metropolitan noise and hustle and the sea gulps you into ecstasy!

The Turkish province of Yalova, a place of thick greenery and hot springs surrounded by the tranquil Marmara Sea. Its the best place on a budget you never heard of. For us it was the ultimate travel destination. With a little bit of money saved we set off from our busy bustling Pendik shore off on a ferry boat towards fairyland. At the main Yalova station we took a minibus to Termal, at an unspecified location near the beginning of the forest we dropped off and were rescued by a group of friends which drove us to the forest. The entire  Teşvikiye region is nothing but dense forest.

As you enter into the depths of the forest you find yourself taking bridges and paths immersed under a canopy of trees, taking you to undiscovered realms. A stream flows all through the way under the wooden bridges.

We were actually like Victorian forest faery-folk ’tis was bliss!

Across the paths towards the we finally entered the thicket of the forest where we breathed the coolest and cleanest oxygen. It became breezy and cold but the purest cool you could feel, refreshing, energizing, like being gifted with the breath of the forest.

The lazy stream underneath the bridge slowly picked up in speed as we walked deeper into the forest, it started gushing, as climbed a set of very steep stairs to my utter surpirse and delight we found ourselves at the most beautiful waterfall I have seen in Turkey.

It was the Erikli Waterfall (Erikli Şelalesi) of the Yalova region. It was magic, purely spellbinding with plenty of places to walk and angles to sit enjoy see the water gushing downwards into the stream below, or in other places see it pour into the pool. In summer you can even swim in the pool where you feel nothing but a mermaid in this fantastical fountain of youth.

It was breathtaking with many places to photograph and take daredevil Instagram worthy clicks. Even clicks of clicks came out gorgeous! Whether you visit in spring or in summer it is totally worth it. An inexpensive tour and deeply relaxing lets hope the opening of the world and the healing after the pandemic brings new adventures for us all.

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