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The Beauty or Brains dilemma, Part II: The business acumen of Huda Kattan

Who doesn’t know her? Makeup blogger, YouTube makeup guru, creator of Huda Beauty makeup, Huda Kattan is the face of the decade.

In 2010 I had decided to start PhD, Huda had decided to start her blog. In 2013 I enrolled in a university abroad with full scholarship, Huda released her lashes. They were quickly spread around across the beauty community and I clearly remember a perky Marlena Stella the Makeup Geek bursting into laughter whilst pronouncing Hoooda Booooty. The lashes were an instant hit. I spent the entire of 2013 working extremely hard till 3.00 or even 4.00 am in a new country in a new university.

Fast forward comes 2018 when I finish my PhD and feel the euphoria of success Huda already established a multi million beauty empire embedded as the next best thing in cosmetics.

Even more forward to the present day I am jobless, poor, back in my home country, with only 6 publications and Huda Beauty is a luxury giant with her cosmetics line, perfume line and just released skincare line too. We both probably underwent the exact same amount of hardwork on this journey together except that I ended penniless.

Who’s smarter then? Me the PhD in molecular genetics or Huda? Surely it did NOT take simply being a pretty makeupped face to attain all that. The beauty guru and loving makeup is the tiniest part of the process. What it took was a tenacity, obsession and perseverance entirely in the world of business far greater than we can know.

This Beauty guru educator turned YouTuber turned cosmetics line turned Instagram influencer is a tried and tested formula by countless people. Why is it that Huda stands out far beyond any of the other peers of the online beauty community? The answer is her business acumen.

Looking at her purely as a modern businesswoman and role model for success makes her an interesting study for those wanting to seek success in the present high tech era. The current beauty standard fit every inch of Huda’s face, Raven haired, heavy lashed, dark skinned dusky damsel is the beauty standard of today thanks to the success of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and probably the entire Jenner Kardashian dynasty. Move over blonde blue eyes Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera 2010 onward belonged to the exotic eastern looks further cemented with the release of the live action Aladdin (apparently Huda even done a tutorial on a Princess Jasmine look).

The ethnicity of Huda and get place of launch played a magnanimous part in her success, Arab women found a brand of their own, made by one of them, for them. The amount of money that Arab women can spend on makeup yearly exceeds that of any other ethnicity. And we are talking strictly makeup. Go to the street anywhere in Istanbul or Paris and you’ll see every Arab women embellished with the heavy drop dead gorgeous makeup looks of the Middle eastern style. They do not believe in the western makeup trend of “less is more”, if anything the Emirati people staunchly believe in more, it’s a concept that has made the Emirates what it is today, and exceptionally successful thriving business hub, and that is precisely what Huda thinks too: more. Without solely relying on cosmetics since the competition is ruthless Huda Beauty rapidly delved into the best next step for the Arab world : perfume. The talent of Arabs in perfumery and now application is legendary, a student of mine once passed infront of me without my looking at her and the heavy whiff of oud immediately made me realize this is one of the Arab girls, I was correct it was the Moroccan. The made a high end Arab perfume brand for the world and it appears as an honour to be a single Arab brand alongside the western giants in perfumes and cosmetics, of course it becomes a matter of immense pride and joy to see a representative from your community perform so well and deliver exactly what the Arab women want.

The story doesn’t end there. Huda was clever enough to release a full coverage foundation necessary for obtaining that Arabic makeup look. She released enough palettes with every colour and texture to get that rich colourful Eagle eye look. She then further went to make sure she created the perfumes the way Arabs like them : single scents Oud, Musk, Amber, Floral mixed in your own preference in your own signature “layers” and introducing this layering as a novel concept and as secret of the Arab perfume longevity to the rest of the world.

Forget about her own videos, the interviews of her success are plentiful!

To further cement her company as the ultimate new age Estee Lauder as Huda herself started she has now delved into skincare, with her wishful To Glow Enzyme Scrub and future line of skincare products Huda Beauty is here to stay. With her strong presence in the heart of the middle east where the most makeup wearing women of the world are concentrated be it either Arab, Iranian, Pakistani or Turkish Huda’s success is only bound to grow. If the economy of the debt ridden Pakistan would miraculously recover the official launch of the brand in Pakistan will come as no surprise since the presence and interaction of thousands of Pakistanis working in Dubai has made Huda Beauty a highly sought after brand despite it being unaffordably expensive price for the common girl.

Huda is now a billionaire, there are dozens of videos on how she became the successful business she is today. As far as I’m concerned I’m still broke and dying to get my hands on her Nude Rose palette. Who’s the brains now? Definitely not me with the PhD, it’s Huda who proves that the beauty and the geek/pretty dumb blonde and ugly smart girl philosophy has been put to rest for good and the new beauty is that the more beautiful you are the smarter you are.

All images have been taken from YouTube.

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