The Bee Diaries : Harsh parables from nature

Nature and animals have evolved and developed perfectly according to their ecological niche and have singularly particular functions to perform.

Generally speaking whilst learning biology and animal behavior we as teachers and scientists focus intensely on the mechanism involved and the life cycle and species specific behavior. However what we miserably fail to address is the harsh moral lesson learnt from the animals.

Here I focus particularly on some sadistic severe behaviors from which several lessons must be learnt for our self growth. Some of them lay their eggs inside the larvae of other insects and as the eggs hatch they start devouring the larvae alive. Every behavior must be taken as a parable. It’s a gruesome lesson to be learnt that are we in our drive to give our children the best ever, feeding off the effort from any others our employees or children’s caretaker. Is it us who is consuming the efforts and hard work of others in an unjust manner to give out children luxury? Do we actually reprimand and rectify the mistakes of our children when we ought to or do we unjustly point fingers at others.

Similarly the lesson from the cuckoo is a harsh one. It lays it’s eggs in the Jay’s nest and unjustly take advantage. Are we involved in such atrocious activities?

Similarly our habits which we follow daily must be analyzed. From the huge group of Lepidoptera the flying insects we can observe that some flies sit on flowers, some sit exclusively on fruit. Some insects only decay organic matter, whilst some other devour the wastes and rotting excrement of other animals. Similarly you could be a honey bee or a hummingbird surrounding yourself in the beauty of a garden laden with flowers sucking nectar, or be a vampire bat drinking the blood of humans or a vulture devouring a dead animal carcass.

But what bestows us these particular attributes? It is neither our race, colour or ethnicity. It is only and truly our mindset and habits which determine what kind of an animal we truly are. Our everyday dealings with others and repetitive actions along with our motives make our true identity, nothing else

Images credit : Pixabay

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