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The Skin Story: a labyrinth of ineffective solutions

How I defeated adult acne and hyperpigmentation once and for all, and many other complications.

Why is it that there are always a gazillion products out there but still more and more 25+ women suffering badly from adult acne?

When I was only 15 years old my mother would keep reprimanding me not to over-scrub my face. I never listened to her then or believed her.. time made me realize how utterly wrong I had been and how her advice was the truest acne solution which is never mentioned anywhere.

I used to do a lot of scrubbing. We lived in a oven-like climate with scorching heat and profuse sweating. Tanning wasn’t considered beautiful in a brown South Asian population and being a tad bit fairer was always a preference. Koreans and Japanese would agree. With the burning sun and sweat I felt my skin being oily and slightly tanned as well. Thus from there I had made a habit of rigorous scrubbing followed by no moisturizing.. Yes.. none. It was a bad habit which I regretted bitterly later.

Moving to another country always has a huge thrill and excitement attached to it with the ecstasy of moving to an alien land with a distinct culture and unique lifestyle. The first thing which hits a person is the view the panorama of a city by the sea bustling with metropolitan life. Your thrilled to hear the before unheard language and culture of people. The wind gusts against your hair and face and you feel swept away in a flying adventure of unlimited possibilities. And then you realize that your wind sweeping across your face had another unexpected impact and the fantasy world you entered in just burst into reality of your skin adjusting or unadjusting to another country.

Initially it was pimples bursting out like crazy. I guessed it was the stress of starting out and studying in a foreign land. I luckily found out that by correctly lancing the pimple and removing the pimple blood (best pimple extraction advice) then afterwards filling the open pimple wound with the antibacterial cream made an enormous difference. It was a method I can swear by.

The next thing I learnt the hard way after two years probably that my skin didn’t need all the harsh SLS facial cleansers. My skin was dry due to the cold and windy weather. It needed a good scrub whilst steamed in the hot shower and that was the most important part. To actually clean your skin in a cold climate you need to steam it and mechanically scrub the dead skin away. Exfoliating made a huge difference. Again I used no products, just a coarse facial exfoliating cloth.

The final main step was applying oils to my face. The best product out there was probably the Skin, Hair, Body dry oil from Nuxe. I used it only on my face. Additionally I used essential oils lemon oil, tea tree oil and almond oil as a serum to treat my hyperpigmentation. It worked like a miracle. I would only wash my face once and night and only splash it with simple tap in the morning and let my natural sebum keep my face shining, plumpy and hydrated. And trust me essential oils are suitable for a skin types even if it’s extremely oily, you just need to find the right one for you.

Eating healthier and selectively for dull skin, dark skin and acne was the most important thing I found out on the internet (actual food advice that help all your skin issues). I ate better fats and bone broth with turmeric. Switching back to my high healthy fat Indian Continental food was the best choice I could make for my skin and my nails grew back miraculously too. Cutting out on sugars made an enormous difference to my acne thanks to switching to alternative medicine (adult acne legit cure). Overall I had much better nails and skin and I figured out that healthy nails and skin are related to a high healthy fat diet.

After struggling with skin and nail issues for so many years I strongly advise you to listen to your body, observe and use your brain first before searching for advice, since every person’s skin is different. Which particular foods suit your skin? What is your skin type? Which essential oils work best for your skin issues? Use as less products as you can. Go to the kitchen to heal your skin instead of the drugstore. Foods eaten and applied will give you the definite solution.

Images credit: Pixabay

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