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My bumpy journey to low carb, lazy keto diet discovery

Why didn’t anyone mention this before?

The high fat diet was a life saver!

I truly believe, the best doctor you can find is yourself.

Ever wonder why it is becoming more and more common that doctors just don’t seem to manage to cure your illness? Once I tried to explain to a doctor that I was travelling for 2 days and I developed high fever due to severe exhaustion, but he was adamant that there must be something wrong with my throat since there was an epidemic. He pushed his utensil down my throat forcibly multiple times that I could have vomited my intestines out. He gave me medicines for sore throat…

My usual Turkish breakfast, mushroom cheese omelet and a side green plate.

Similarly for 2 years my nails just refused to grow. They were yellow, they were brittle, they chipped off so dreadfully that I thought I would lose my nails and they would become half of what they were. Similarly my joints used to ache regularly too. Furthermore I had a severe case of IBS and stomach bloating which regularly upset me. I believed so heavily that fats were the culprit. Overall my health was dreadful. I took every supplement you could imagine, iron, vitamin C, collagen, MSM and Chondroitin, but nothing seemed to work at All. My face always darker than my neck and remaining body. To make matters worse I also suffered from tinea versicolor.

I had absolutely no idea that all my symptoms were linked to severe deficiency of the most overlooked one tiny simple ingredient : fats.

A Persian inspired eggplant and egg relishing dinner embellished with olives.

I had put on 10 kg of weight in the years after my knee operation. I had stopped all fats. I avoided them as much as I could because I wanted to loose weight. The problem was that my weight didn’t budge at all. It just stubbornly reminded the same rather used to slowly sinisterly increase even with the cut in fats .

Cookies are culprits for adult acne and IBS and weight gains and what not!

Carbs were the culprit!

The keto diet came to me as a modern day miracle. I couldn’t believe the very basic simple reason why my nails weren’t growing was the deficiency of healthy fats. And no matter how much I googled and searched day after day after day for an answer j could find none. I was sick and tired of using nail products on my nails and their benefit was limited, the splitting of the nails didn’t stop with the cuticle oils and nail hardeners. It was after a full 18 months that it was written on a webpage that the deficiency of linoleic acid a fat causes nail splitting.

The perfect setting for a plain keto breakfast with friends

I immediately started taking a full fat diet. My stomach immediately calmed down, I wasn’t using the restroom too often anymore. My face grew brighter. For the first time in probably my whole life my face shine brighter than my neck. My nails were the real winners, I grew back then a whole 1.5 cm. The keto diet saved my draining health!

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