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Lab Experiments VS Social Experiments

Social experiments are an intense learning experience. Guilty as charged. I do it all the time.

Love, friendship, hate, jealousy, are not factors with given numerical values, they need to be determined, their measurement taken, their intensity, presence or absence has to be proven…. scientifically…. with measurements.

There was once a show on Star World called Beauty and the Geek, the intro to the show deemed it a social experiment to see how a bookworm gets along with a totally dumb blonde. Although at that age of 12 years old I had least interest in guys, but I somehow remained fascinated with the concept of a social experiment.

The first time I had experimented on someone was my friend and I deliberately didn’t answer back to him just to see how he would react. He got worried, he thought I was ill and was irked by the notion that I just done it to check how he behaves.

I didn’t stop after that. My mother taught me a strange social skill. She said when someone thinks you’re stupid, play along, act silly. It’s a great way to see how stupid the other person is, and analyze the person’s behavior and intent towards you. Anyone and everyone just became my lab rat, an experimentation, a laboratory adventure.

Another experiment is to be patiently kind and forgiving to people who fully believe they have you fooled. They smirk with their friends and have a snooty air about how superior they are to you. A generous dose of kindness is always an interesting action towards a rude, conceited and overconfident person.

Try a serial dose of kindness to a human instead of an antibacterial dose to a microbe. See the results, do you see growth? If not, higher the dosage or dilute it based on results.

Harshness towards a close friend reveals true motives, intentions and the truth about the friendship. Being close, kind and funny is enjoyable and easy in good times, but it is the bad and ugly moments which truly determine whether your friends stick by you in adversity and misfortune.

Another experiment is completely not letting the other person have the slightest inkling of what your true nature is, this is by far the easiest because for some reason nowadays everyone thinks they are smart and have everything figured out. People are stupid enough to believe what they see and completely leave out and ignore what the feeling of a situation is, they ignore the gut feeling. They simply ignore the intense emotion which the heart exhibits and testifies as a lie and think with their rational mine… Big, big mistake.

Keeping a person heavily burdened under your kindness is a dangerous and dubious experiment to see whether the person later remains under your obedience and control because of the immense favours you heavily bestowed upon them or if they choose to be utterly thankless and ungrateful for your input on them.

Similarly the most difficult experiment by far has been being kind and loving towards a bad person. It takes true tolerance and a huge heart to be able to digest the vile of a person and return it with good words and genuinely respectful reaction.

Avoiding a person and taking time off for yourself from close friends to re-ignite your inner flame and cleanse your energy is an interesting experiment too. It shuts you completely off from the outside world and gives you a chance to reheal your heart and soul and release it from the matrix of others people’s emotions.

What does one get out of social experiments? The exact same as a laboratory experiment, you get results, you analyze them and come up on a conclusion about a person or situation.

Images credit: Pixabay

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