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My own Kon Mari declutter experience

In reality it was a change of mind. “The life changing magic of tidying up” is not just a book by Marie Kondo, its a mental change. Not a physical one in the least. An entirely new mindset and a good one too.

I gathered everything and put it out to sort.

I always had less things in life. Less clothes, less shoes, less makeup and toiletries, just less, the way in the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” the protagonist says “my mother brought me shoes that were brown”. Exactly the same! My parents only bought me something so indispensable that I couldn’t do without and common enough to serve its purpose without adding any excitement or enthusiam!

My sister took both those bags, slightly more than 25 kg !

So the moment I entered grad school with a scholarship it was the first time I had been showered with all of the colourful jeans and shirts of my sister and the vintage woolen cardigans, sweaters, panchos and shawls of my mother lying in the store wardrobe like a hidden treasure, which she had never allowed me to touch before!

My Kon Mari method was modified to dormitory and school life (with limited scholarship money) to instead of disposing away and getting rid of the things you dislike, to using up all the things you don’t love, and getting through them quickly. It was painful at first, but totally worth it since you spent a lot of money on those items and it really gives you the necessary push to think 100 times before buying anything at all, since it takes forever to wear off clothes and use up items. It makes you shop much less than before by making you realize how much usage you can get out of the items before you finally let go of them, especially makeup and bath items.

I got rid of 10 kg of the bath items!

Additionally it wasn’t only using up all the items I had. I did declutter and had Kon Mari-ed 35 kg of clothes, bath, beauty, and stationary items, I had given them all to my sister after she had lost 15 kg because they didn’t fit me as I had gained 10 kg and all the clothes fit her like a glove! She also rummaged through my make-up and took away all the colours which fit her much better. All the items I gave my sister didn’t just “Spark Joy” they brought her intense joy with her new slender figure being hugged by a luxurious formal dress which didn’t fit me anymore. It also sparked joy in me by saying thank you to all my items and giving them to my sister. A person does get bored of the same clothes being wasted away in cabinets. This act of sibling care brought me immense joy too.

Unknown to me when she went back to Paris and Kon Mari- ed her room, she sent me all the clothes which didn’t spark Joy in her. There were several cardigans and pullovers which were far too large for her and overly colourful summer shirts which didn’t suit her taste, but when I saw the surprise packet I absolutely fell in love with clothes she sent me. And they fit me like a glove! She sent me 15 kg so overall I had a net of 20 kg less items in my room which was a Kon Mari victory for me!

My room usually remained clean after that. Marie Kondo was right! Clean it all, all at once and everything. That gives you a sort of burst to keep things tidy.

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