The Bee Diaries : Harsh parables from nature

Nature and animals have evolved and developed perfectly according to their ecological niche and have singularly particular functions to perform. Generally speaking whilst learning biology and animal behavior we as teachers and scientists focus intensely on the mechanism involved and the life cycle and species specific behavior. However what we miserably fail to address is… Continue reading The Bee Diaries : Harsh parables from nature

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The Skin Story: a labyrinth of ineffective solutions

How I defeated adult acne and hyperpigmentation once and for all, and many other complications. Why is it that there are always a gazillion products out there but still more and more 25+ women suffering badly from adult acne? When I was only 15 years old my mother would keep reprimanding me not to over-scrub… Continue reading The Skin Story: a labyrinth of ineffective solutions


The Unlearning of Science

Since time immemorial curious adolescents have been yearning to know more and discover facts and skills they never knew. They had been searching far and wide for higher knowledge power and skills and that thirst brought them towards a master, guru or a sensai to prove their worth to be able to be recruited as… Continue reading The Unlearning of Science

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My bumpy journey to low carb, lazy keto diet discovery

Why didn't anyone mention this before? The high fat diet was a life saver! I truly believe, the best doctor you can find is yourself. Ever wonder why it is becoming more and more common that doctors just don't seem to manage to cure your illness? Once I tried to explain to a doctor that… Continue reading My bumpy journey to low carb, lazy keto diet discovery

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Lab Experiments VS Social Experiments

Social experiments are an intense learning experience. Guilty as charged. I do it all the time. Love, friendship, hate, jealousy, are not factors with given numerical values, they need to be determined, their measurement taken, their intensity, presence or absence has to be proven.... scientifically.... with measurements. There was once a show on Star World… Continue reading Lab Experiments VS Social Experiments

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My own Kon Mari declutter experience

In reality it was a change of mind. "The life changing magic of tidying up" is not just a book by Marie Kondo, its a mental change. Not a physical one in the least. An entirely new mindset and a good one too. I gathered everything and put it out to sort. I always had… Continue reading My own Kon Mari declutter experience