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Lay back on a hammock and listen to bird songs

Sometimes going far away from the city and listening to the twitter of the birds instead of the social media Twitter is what is genuinely relaxing and necessary for self rejuvenation and healing.

I often look around at people and ask myself, “why is everyone so obsessed with fiddling about with their phones?” Why is it that we cannot turn off all the overwhelming technology and actually engage in a conversation with nature?

With increasing technology and a overly rapid lifestyle with everyone running around entangled in their daily monotonous routines, like a fly desperately buzzing entrapped in a spiders web, we get so accustomed to a noisy crowded metropolitan lifestyle with mobile phone addiction, that people often find it abnormal and even impossible to not block their ears with the defening sounds of the trending pop music, and actually smell a flower, disconnect with the internet and just go to a quiet village in the depths of the forest to stare at the sky and listen to the bird talking to each other on diagonal branches. Ask yourself,

“when was the last time you actually stared at the puffy rain clouds and saw the shades of grey, blue and golden and an actual ‘silver lining’ to brighten up your day?”

I believe it is so important to find meaning in life and find meaning in your own self by having a silent conversation with the spirit of the forest. It is where no words are said but only felt, where the breath of the forest provides you a freshness like none other, where you can reflect on inner peace and satisfaction, where you can find yourself, recognize your spirit and ultimately go towards self growth. The forest is an immense source of energy. It bursts with all life force both flora and fauna. The forest ecosystem is a magnanimous life energy reservoir which you can tap into, and harness that energy for spiritual health. It is like bathing your soul in the forest energy and getting it purified, similar to an act of a daily body cleanse in the shower.

So if you are tired, ill, depressed, or simply haven’t taken a break in a long time simply lie on a hammock and listen to the song of the birds, the music of the wind rustling against the trees and the patter of the raindrops as it energizes the forest towards growth and let yourself grow aswell akin to a vine trailing towards new height and up towards the light.

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