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The Bee Diaries : To Bee Or Not To Bee

They were all busy running their respective errands, not a second to waste!

Out of the blue an opportunity came my way to work on honey bees. I knew very little regarding it but since it seemed interesting and the only project available at my disposal I was inclined to accept, without thinking I said yes, but after a good one month I realized I had no contemplation over the hurdles and risks beekeeping would present to me. The nervousness built like a crescendo. I was grinding my teeth in sheer panic as to how I would possibly be able to deal with those bee nests.. As if I was a greedy bear who had attacked a bee hive for honey and become the one main target of that stinging community. Probably I would end up in hospital and not be in a cute Whinny the Poo adventure. I felt nervously fearful.

Inside the hive.

Then as it would happen, the moment of truth came. It was the first day of mine visiting the hives and I was far more silent than my usual chatty chirpy self. Every step made my heart leap but I continued. I had no idea what I was doing but I decided to continue taking each step. I choose the thickest suit and followed each instruction with perfect affirmation

It turned out wonderfully

After a direct dive bomb by one of the guard honeybees directly on my face, which was underneath the net, I had faced the first challenge after which everything became more normal. After taking the first steps to learn and courage to work with the real threat of getting stung, every even that ensued felt more normal and natural.

Slowly we worked up the 10 bee hives and encountered far more bees with their buzzing growing louder with the stronger bee hives. It was something new, a novel, animating adventure. Had I backed, panicked, freaked out from this chance it would have been a mistake, I would have let mere fear stop me from such a different exhilarating experience. Learning is fun, but learning in the field with real insects is another adventure.

Had I rejected this chance, I would have never been able to see for real this amazing forager laden with pollen

As much as I try everyday to return to normal daily metropolitan life, circumstances just by magic change the scenario to buzzing bees, giant snails, flying butterflies and pollen laden honey making foragers in the midst of dense wild white clover flowers at the middle of spring.

The humble wild white clover flowers, white and small like grass were the preferred nectar reservoirs in contrast to the fanciful and boisterous rose.

In life it’s always necessary to take the leap, avail the chance, jump at the opportunity. It will be fearful, it will be scary and intimidating, you will be outside your comfort zone but after entering that dark tunnel of the unknown you will come out in a new fantastical land and adventure which you had never experienced before. And it will be totally worth it. My father used to tell me, “some people live life, others Life lives them away”. To be among the ones who live life to the fullest, get up, dare, take the chance, fly and you will find it better than anything you anticipated.

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