Life is not all rainbows and butterflies

There wasn’t just one rainbow mocking me, there were two!

One cloudy day of PhD studies, the days of all seem more tiring even before they begin, I went to the laboratory and had a full array of experiments ready for me to perform.

Now you see experiments are not easy. They need meticulous planning, measurements, making sure all the solutions are ready, making sure the glassware is at hand, your following the correct protocol, making sure you invited the certain labfellow you were supposed to be working with (even though you hate each other to the bone) and a dozen more things before you finally start a molecular biology experiment which will most likely fail in the first attempt.

After a dull cloudy bad day with no reply from my supervisor, an unfavourable interaction with other irritated PhD students, no results, rude behaviour of graduate students, I retreated back to my dormitory room, and I reprimanded myself for being too overly positive and nice to everyone and shoving kindness upon people, who would really run away from my uninvited generosity.

The rainbow was so large I couldn’t even capture the whole of it with my humble cellphone camera.

I told myself that unicorns and fairies don’t exist, I’m not in a fairytale where I am the princess or fairy of the woods and everyone is a kind elf, dwarf or just another fairy happily harvesting leaves and flowers. Growing up watching too many fantasy movies from the 80s can really get to your head.

Just as I entered my room and flung the window open I said

Life is not all rainbows and butterflies!!!

The moment I said that within 5 minutes a strong draft of wind blew and heavy dark clouds poured down rain likes cats and dogs. As unexpectedly as it started, it finished unexpectedly too. As if by magic the sunbeams burst through and what I see is a ginormous rainbow infront of my eyes exactly outside my window

Mother Nature sure gave me a nice comeback, life can have rainbows and flowers!

I was like Oh My God, Nature seriously?? It was as if Mother Nature was saying to my directly so you really think life is not all rainbows? It was the direct sarcasm in-your-face attitude of Mother Nature which made me feel a bit embarrassed and at the same time believe that despite the struggles and hardships of a monotonous routine, life can still be all rainbows and butterflies. Literally!

I believe this is a lesson of positivity which the workforces of nature try to remind us all, every moment, every day. No matter how things are going, retreat to Providence for a lovely feeling of warmth and care.

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