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Horse riding to happiness: finding animal empathy

I was so happy and the horse felt good too!

I never really had a love for animals. The only main encounter was with rabbits as a child and a very fearsome weasel from which I felt very scared. The other children however we’re brave and comfortable enough to hold and play about with it. But not me!

I remember being 7 years old and seeing a horse cart with a feeble bony horse biting at it’s reins. There was a greenish saliva around the egdes of it’s mouth and the whole sight was a grostesque memory.

The injured white mare. The instructor said she was a strong race horse but had a bad temper, still she was gorgeous and majestic.

Then there was the complete disinterest in cats, I felt absolutely no desire to pet them or give them milk. As far as dogs were concerned I was always terribly frightened of them. I think the non interaction was the sole reason I feared them. I just never understood dog behavior. And a deep bark was enough to make my blood chill. So I grew up with the belief that I don’t like animals, at all, none of them.

Still I had seen the movie The Black Stallion and read the book Black Beauty which was one of my best reads as a child.

I loved and fed this horse at the stables in the riding academy

Time passed and relocating to Istanbul I found how much people take care of animals. Istanbul is famous for it’s cat loving culture. I learnt that in order to actually be a kind person, you must also be kind towards animals, not just humans.

So one fine summer day my friends and I were wondering where to go and what activity to choose. I suggested the forest and it led to my friends insisting on horse riding. In movies you always see the princess riding on a horse escaping to her one true love. And then you have Barbie.

Barbie promotes horse love far more than anything else.

So I agreed that we should go to the horse riding club before a large forest Polonezköy. My friend who was also my physiotherapist claimed that several patients also undergo horse riding as hippotherapy to realign their bodies and balance too. Or something like that, if I’m wrong, you get the point.

It was a tiny unicorn with no horn from the heavens, it was that beautiful!

There we were at the riding academy and we were immediately encountered with the most beautiful white pony I had ever seen. From behind us a tall strong stallion walked past by. It was an exciting experience. We were thrilled. An instructor showed us to our horses and their I received my first ever horse lesson. I was given a tall brown mare named Livra. She appeared very intimidated but I stroke her with the most live I have ever shown to any animal. As I mounted her I felt exhilaration! It was the best experience with an animal. It was a bonding which just cannot be expressed in words. Animals rely on your energy. They don’t understand your humans actions or language but they sense your intention and your aura. And it was a strong sense which I could feel back. The one hour lesson was so enjoyable that I fell in love with riding. I realized that I finally found which animal i love, and it was horses which I had bonded with.

I felt new, I felt changed , I had somehow found my beast, the way in fantasy films the rider finds his dragon.

Nervously I started the lesson with Livra

I realized that the way animals influence your energy is beyond anything which humans can do. They awaken a specific part of your heart which remains untapped and unreachable by humans. Our instructor told us that a horse is always mounted from it’s left side because it’s heart is closer there. Why was it so? He said no one knows, it’s been like that since time immemorial. I believe truly it is because of the bonding of the hearts and energies of beast and man.

We bonded, and what a beautiful energy that was like a dawn of animal empathy in me

I encourage everyone who doesn’t like animals to find out their connection with their specific beast. Surely it will be a life changing experience.

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