Quit slander now!

Slander is venom. It causes antipathy, pride, judgmental attitude and envy to grow.

Zipping your mouth can result in the most effective self growth and self improvement that you have seen in years!
Image credit: Pixabay

One of the most wasteful habits which obstructs self growth to the fullest is malicious gossip, rumors and slander. Spreading gossip and rumors might appear to be a satisfying errand, updating about all the latest hip and happenings and spicy stories but it ends up in breeding a hatred towards others by wrong judgement, and subsequently causing either pride or jealousy. You might say there is a difference between daily innocent gossip and bad-mouthing a person, but I tell you from personal experience after being a habitual gossiper, you eventually give in to scandal mongering.

Whats in it for me?

We are so busy in bringing the other person down, in criticizing, in character assassination. What real benefit does this behavior actually have? How is it exactly going to benefit you apart from feeding your ego. Self accountability, does it improve your personality? Does it cause self growth? Does it make you a better person?

NO! A huge no.

And beware of making yourself a poisonous snake too !
Don’t let daily malicious gossip turn you into a deadly snake ( Image taken from
https://revolutionarypaideia.com/tag/snakes-in-the-grass/ )

Nature doesn’t forget or forgive

There is absolutely nothing attractive about being a huge gossip monger. Vilification of another person’s characteristics, hair, nose voice habits sends negativity to the universe and nature doesn’t approve of it. Because the way a person looks are predestined by nature. You cannot control what you look like. And if people start criticizing nature, then it has a strong karma system. Any vile you send out to the universe comes back to you magnified. It’s a very messy business. Nature follows the rule of Karma. There isn’t a single action of ours which won’t be weighed by nature on the balance of Karma. Mudslinging and being a habitual gossip-monger at another person is like constantly complaining to the universe, and the universe never hosts a complaining energy , it throws it back at you. Sooner or later you will find yourself trapped in such a malicious gossip which you can’t get out of and end up being the laughing stock of the whole community without realizing that all of it was actually your own doing. (This was actually a true event which occurred at our workplace, it was terrible and I still feel sorry for the guy, but he had it coming at him).

So true, the boomerang that Karma is, and Nature follows Karma . (Image taken from
https://everydaypowerblog.com/karma-quotes/ )

How to let go of bad-mouthing?

The trick is to let go of the temporary entertainment it provides. Like a tasteful bite from a delicious cuisine, but once the bite has been swallowed, the scrumptious morsel digested, the delight completely fades away, and you are simply left with the burden of malicious talk. Envy, jealousy, spite, get you no where. they just make you smaller, they are negative to self growth, they cause self diminution. They ruin your own personality and the worst after effects of gossip is that it makes you insecure and paranoid towards all people. You constantly become in the habit of finding faults in others and spreading them around to make yourself feel better.

When you free your soul from this heinous habit , it is the lighest feeling you will feel. Just say ,

I don’t care.

and these three words transform you forever! You don’t need the evil gossip in your life to begin with!

One shocking revelation for he was how frequently and greatly men gossip in a workplace more than women. I was always under the notion that gossiping is a very undesirable lady trait, stemming from the fact that not very long ago and still somehow today women were more likely to be performing monotonous never ending household chores and would indulge in some spicy gossip to brighten up their boring routines. How wrong I was…

Slander, backbiting, malicious gossip is a venom that poisons the slanderer, the victim is delivered by Providence eventually.

If Anger is Fire, Gossip is Venom. A potent venom which may or may not harm the other person but will definitely poison your own heart.

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