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The Beauty or Brains dilemma: accidentally in the Kylie Jenner trend

A smart, intelligent and hardworking young entrepreneur, thats what I saw.

One lazy summer afternoon my friend starts commenting about my daily makeup routine and says “Zebbaaa you look a bit like Kylie Jenner! You should do makeup like her, it will suit your face, its the trend nowadays, oh your makeup style is so outdated!”

For me, a person at that time struggling to get a single question correct in biophysics, following Instagram or celebs was completely out of the scene. Anyone with a PhD in genetics would agree, there is absolutely no time for being a loyal fan to a social media celeb.

I asked her “Who is Kylie Jenner?” She said “Come on she is so famous” and she Googled her and showed me. My immediate response after seeing her not-so-normal looking images on Google was ,” you mean she is a person who heavily underwent surgery to look like me! I don’t look like her, she looks like me,” I blurted out bluntly.


So there you go, reluctantly I was introduced into the world of the Kardashian-Jenner amalgamation.

When I actually did try her entire look by visiting one of her self makeup videos on YouTube, I didn’t feel particularly accomplished. There was nothing impressive about her look, or her so as to speak. It didn’t benefit me. It didn’t improve my learning or biocomputational skills (I still suck at coding).

So then how was she the most influential instagrammer everyone was talking about?

What struck me most wasn’t the looks of Kylie, neither her makeup, it just seemed a normal sort of bronze/orange toned makeup which suited her skin. And her appearance was something that Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz had previously firmly stamped as the desirous raven-haired exotic Latina look. Despite looking like a born-with-a-silver-spoon rich kid from a rich family and famous for the sake of being famous, as it appeared there was something way more deep. Kylie appeared as a very intelligent teen who understood business very well. She knew how to use social media far better than anything or anyone. She invested in her own makeup line, promoted it, used the internet for e-commerce to it’s fullest. She was a very very smart person. She didn’t appear to me as the super beautiful person everyone had to worship. It was her clever understanding of money which made me appreciate her. It wasn’t beauty which was to her advantage, it was her brains.

Beauty is a subjective thing. It changes from person to person. Personally I love blue eyes and blond barbie looks of Taylor Swift, Amanda Seyfried and Nicole Kidman. Everyone has different opinions about beauty. So what really singled out Kylie was not her signature look it was her business acumen. That perfection in raking in millions of dollars for which a lot of effort , sweat and blood and strategy is required. Kylie should be an inspiration for young girls to work very hard in life. She worked intensely to build her empire to the top. She was a young and super successful entrepreneur. Underneath all that glamour is perseverance and a hardworking lifestyle which most teens lazily run away from.

If I would have a chance to meet her, I would say “Thank you Kylie for accomplishing so much in so short a duration and inspiring other girls to achieve higher in life. A TEDx talk would surely be welcome!”

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