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How does being in nature heal a person?

Relaxing in the dense forests near Selcuk village and Ephesus Roman ruins, Turkey

Buildings are nonliving blocks of concrete

Nature is alive, it holds life, it bursts with energy.. Walking through a park on a slightly cool morning refreshens the brain and makes us feel lighter and as if our worries have somehoew diminished. Why don’t we feel the same in our work areas? All of our workplaces are cemented and glassed offices bustling with people full of daily problems hoard intense negativity and mixed energies. Many people wear fake masks to make it through the day. In such toxic energy amongst inanimate stone walls, bricks, metal and glass you cannot expect spiritual, mental or even physical comfort.

A living breathing ecosystem radiating beau idéal

Going to nature everything around you bursts with life. Just like yourself, there are living cells all around you performing their daily jobs with excellence.. I looked at the lush forests and felt so embarrassed how blooming and green they are and how I can barely manage to keep my plants alive in the green house. Either I water them too much or too less, fertilizer too concentrated or none. But Mother nature does everything with absolute perfection. Every leaf a brilliant pistachio colour and no yellowing of leaves to be seen unlike my plant care.

Being with nature brings you in touch with life, every leaf, flower, tree bursts with living energy which refreshes your own living energy. There is true balance and tranquility in the mechanisms of biology and that perfection diffuses into ourselves and relaxed our body. This effect on our biology also affects our soul. From my years in studying biology I fully believe in the interconnection of the body and soul. So I believe that the living energy of nature provides serenity to the spirit.

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