Flying in the sky – letting go of fear & surrendering to the wind

The most frightening and liberating experience of my entire life.

Spread your wings and prepare to fly, for you have become a butterfly

Mariah carey- butterfly

Being a person with a major height phobia and panic issues this was truly a death’s well for me. My friends and I had decided to go to the south of Turkey which boasts some of the best beaches in the world. The mediterranean sea was the most enticing shade of turquoise I had seen. Whilst I very much knew I had a terrible phobia of heights along with the very sweaty hands and feet and nervousness, I still had the crazy urge to ahead with paragliding. And if it makes things better I did NOT know how to swim then!

My pilot was the coolest guy I ever met, athletic, confident, a daredevil and outrageously adventurous

This experience was not just a physical experience. It was an intensely heavenly experience as if you are looking down at the world from the eyes of the birds or the angels. It was like being near the angels and looking at the world from above and seeing how small everything was. On the ground we walk haughtily and proudly and let our egos get the better of us on a daily basis and make life difficult for others. Whereas from the sky a person can see what a small being a human actually is and how huge and magnanimous the world is and how the ocean calmly expands itself in humility. It made me rethink about myself and appreciate the majesty of the mountains, oceans and the spread land. They all stand calm in humbleness and let humans discover and explore their mysteries.

This was 10 minutes into the flight and I had become quite relaxed by then.

Paragliding also made me feel free, unattached, suspended, alive, flying, floating. It made me free of worries, problems, attachments and most importantly fear. This let me totally let go of fear and what I saw beyond fear was absolute victory. I advise you all to let go of your fears and truly live life to the fullest. Fear is the biggest hindrance in our daily lives. There was a really inspirational Indian series of ads about the energy drink Mountain Dew which said:

Don’t be afraid of fear, go beyond fear, because beyond fear, is victory

The Mediterranean sea, the beauty was beyond words!

Flying with the parachute gave me a sharp burst in confidence and self esteem which I had never ever had before. It made me realize I can do much more than I think. I can achieve more, I can dream bigger, live bigger. I can make miracles happen. All the stuff that they show in those movies are true!! After taking the leap and experiencing the most extreme adventure of my life when I recollect and reflect on my experience, what comes immediately to my mind is a song by Brie Larson from Barbie- The Magic of Pegasus

Hope has wings to carry you, anything is possible, just might be a miracle, waiting to come true, so I lift my eyes and see the sky, feel my heart begin to rise, I will be carried by my dreams, because hope has wings!

This song fully explains my experience and I am so glad that I went beyond my fear and had the best thrilling experience of my life.

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