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The Mystery of Clairsentience elicited by Layla and Majnu

Majnu the madman in Persian illustration (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Layla and Majnu, the ancient fanciful tale was about two real people.

This article is entirely from my personal experience with this enigmatic emotion.

When I was about 8 years old my mother told me the famous Oriental tale of Layla and the Madman. It appeared to be a Romeo Juliest-esqe account of two young Arabs from different clans falling in a never meant to be star crossed love. My mother would especially emphasize the part that

As kids when Layla and Majnu were not paying attention to their teacher, the teacher would whip Majnu, but the whipping wounds would appear on Layla’s body

I found this part of the story especially overly fabricated, nonsense and a fictional invention to lure the emotional hearts to the strength of Love.. How absolutely silly I found that! Even as an 8 year old I knew all too well that this is all nonsensical accounts of unreal people and nonexistent feelings in a overwhelmingly digital era of today.

Layla and Majnu at school from a 15th century Persian depiction ( Image taken from )

It is an inmate ability in twins, the ability to feel physical pain of others.

After unintentionally conditioning myself towards empathy ( I grew more and more everyday into a peaceful, calm, and emotionally stable person always willing to give more to others and be as kind as I could (a huge credit goes to my friends circle, they were even nicer than me!). Entirely unknown to me as a consequence I was attracting a lot of emotionally injured people towards myself. Ah! the yin and yang balance of life! I was a magnet for people who were severely insecure, hurt, and emotionally wounded.

It took me 4 years to realize this. This kept happening that whenever I was beside an emotionally injured person I started feeling hurt, sad, low and my body would feel weak. After a school trip in a large crowd of mixed energies, with good energy but with also energy of insecure, sad, depressed, confused people I felt fever on the 3rd day of the trip. I had to lay down on the bus seat, I had collapsed. Strangely the moment the bus dropped me to me room, I felt a burst of energy, my Own energy! I immediately felt lighter and stronger alone in my room as if I reverted back to my true self. Strange, strange , very strange!

The next incident which took place was the most intense and firmly made me believe in clairsentience. One cool and lovely evening I was sitting with my bestie on a grass area and chatting and having coffee. From the shadows I saw a dark figure emerge and I was seriously hoping it wasn’t who I thought it was. It was a guy who used to be one of my closest friend, and I knew much about the sufferings in his life. Life had made him very harsh which is why I had chosen not to be friends anymore. As he walked passed me, my heart sank and it filled with real dread and misery. I never felt more awful in my life. As he slowly walked pass me his wounded energy which seemed to have hit rock bottom, penetrated into me. I tried by best to jerk it off and pretend I didn’t care.

I knew very well he had been acting fake all this time, he had been displaying what a fun summer he had had, joking at slightest things, socializing, pretending to be so carefree and cheerful. The truth couldn’t have been more distant from his daily pretentious devil-may-care persona. He had been hit bad by a prolonged traumatic event, distress, death of a loved one and financial crisis.

As I retreated back to my room, I knew that my gut feeling was right. All this time he had pretended, it was all a day mask to hide his fears. As i tried to sleep my throat felt very sore, I felt feverish, and I fell into a bad fever for 3 days. I knew it wasn’t the cold which made me ill because I was wearing a jacket that day, there was no possible explanation for me falling it.

Layla and Majnu meet before dying, for one last time (Courtesy Wikipedia)

As much as I had disbelieved in the silly incident of Layla having the wounds of Majnu’s whips, I now believe that an intense emotional attachment or high levels of streamlined and conditioned empathy do result in you feeling the pain of another person in your own body.

Have any similar clairsentient experiences? Do share and comment below.

(All images have been taken from other sources, no copyright infringement is intended).

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