How to control your temper

Anger is Fire, it can burn you.

One of the most important things in life is learning how to control your temper. Whether you are a boss or an employee or a millionaire, even a stay at home mom or a student anger affects us all. But the most essential element is to be able to devour that temper and let your energy flow swiftly again since anger blocks your chakra. This way your capacity to think, decide and move forward are completely destroyed. Moreover usually the worst decisions and mistakes of a person’s life are made in times of anger. The worst part is that after such decisions are made the feeling of remorse is intense and you can’t undo what happened. Therefore anger essentially like fire burns and destroys everything in its paths including your intellect. Here I will tell you some easy tips anyone can try to pacify themselves during anger. This works for children and adults alike

Steps to take when you are feeling furious

In times of anger immediately stop whatever you are doing, go to nature, breathe deeply, relax and calm down
  1. Immediately stop whatever you are doing, and go to a place where you are alone, i.e. your room or office.
  2. Drink a large glass of water.
  3. If you are standing sit down, if you are sitting then lie down (best if you are in your room).
  4. Forcefully close your eyes and sleep.
  5. Take a slightly cold shower, taking a long shower also helps more.
  6. Keep yourself locked in your room or office for a long time.
  7. Go on a long drive without putting yourself in the driver’s seat.
  8. Do not make any major decision until the next morning.
  9. Travel to a dense forest, lake or seaside.

How will these actions help your anger?

Isolating yourself from other people will help you to not feel further ignited or irritated. You must not vent out to other people. As an empath I have seen many times that venting out your anger to people may seem very satisfying in the moment but has terrible consequences. This sometimes even turns into a habit which gives you the illusion that you are very strong and can powerfully influence the people around you with your harshness, which appears as a temporary victory over other, but this in reality makes your heart weak. It makes you a sadistic version of yourself.

Like a calm lake, water calms the body in times of rage. This is one of the seven lakes at Yedigoller National Park.

Anger is Fire. It is a boiling of your blood, it raises your temperature and as every cell in your body gets out of the normal balance known as homeostasis it goes into a state of anarchy. Anger is not merely a temporary emotion, it is a physical manifestation because you can feel your heartbeat rising and a rise in temperature therefore it is a negative fever which has to be treated immediately. The medicine is water. Drink, bathe, breathe, relax, visualize the calmness of the river, lake or sea. Walk in the rain.

Give yourself time to get back into your normal state. In biology the normal human state homeostasis is where you can funtion optimally, all your enzymes and biomechanism is stable and highest at that point. Give yourself time even maybe from 2 hours upto a week in some cases. But I cannot stress this enough, NEVER ever make any decision in this period. Do nothing if possible.

Images Credit: Pixabay

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