The sunshine effect of an empath

Be the sun that helps the plants with photosynthesis, making their meals and helping them grow. After all self growth occurs when others around you grow into tall lush green plants!

One of the most important lessons I learnt after unintentionally becoming an empath I realized that no matter how much I try to be kind, sympathetic, cheerful and vibrating positivity, some people would always react negatively. That’s when I came across one of the best articles I have read about the characteristics of the empath: The Mirror Effect (read here).

Whilst the article reflects an absolutely accurate account of how people instantly dislike you, which is utterly true as I speak from personal experience, I want to highlight on another trait of empaths which they might have encountered.

So a girl in my office who I barely ever said “Hi” to added me on Facebook. I don’t know how so many people who just look at me everyday, but don’t say a word , have a tendency to always add me on Facebook. Has human interaction degraded so much since the dawn of the social media era? Is approaching an unknown person, but from your daily work space so daunting nowadays? These are serious issues to ponder about.

Anyway to after adding her I immediately sent her an IM asking if she even knew me. She did apparently, I asked her why she added me, she said “well you seem so energetic and positive, I feel nice around you”. This was the first time I heard it explicitly and I continued hearing it many times later on from different people. Just this morning a heavy male voice said, “Good morning Sunshine!” it was my mathematics professor and he seemed very happy to find me sitting with my laptop in the corridor. Not just that, several days earlier my friend said “Your personality has that strong positive aura, its a vibe, which makes you instantly likable, and makes people feel good around you”.

I wonder if other empaths feel the same. I call this “the sunshine effect of the empath”. Like the sun spreads its warmth, light, and lightness all around and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside, I believe the empath does the same. The sunshine radiating from an empath give people a chance for self growth just as the real plants grow in sunlight. And as far as the mirror effect is concerned, well you know some plants just don’t grow well in the sunlight and are better off in the shade!

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